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2011 September | Success Consciousness For Parents

2011 September | Success Consciousness For Parents

2011 September Success Consciousness For Parents”As he thinketh in his heart so is he”Child Abuse can be caused in various ways such as physical assault, sexual exploitation, emotional mistreatment and neglect of the children. Many children undergo the Child Abuse in the hands of parents and guardians. The experience of the mistreatment gotten in the early child development may have an adverse effect, which can be reflected in the adult life. Some of the abused children become so brutal when adults. Continue reading →September 29, 2011 at 5:56 pmNo commentsadmin

Kenya is experiencing a high Unemployment rate.  The Government of Kenya has tried to create jobs in Kenya and they are not enough to cope with the number of graduates being churned from our Universities.  This kind of scenario just increases the number of poverty in Kenya and therefore every Kenyan citizen must take it upon themselves to come up with practical ways to createemployment opportunities in Kenya.  Here are some practical ways that we can all practice. Continue reading →September 28, 2011 at 6:14 pmNo commentsadminUnemployment in Kenya is very high.  It borders on National disaster to catastrophe this is because employment creation in Kenya is far and wide between.  In 2010 only 55,000 new jobs were created in the labour market yet more than half a million graduates graduated from University in the same year. Continue reading →September 27, 2011 at 7:14 pmNo commentsadmin

teenagers in Kenya

ParentingTeenagerscan be an uphill task. Young adults at this stage are affected by their body developments that sometimes make them behave in unacceptable manners. Adolescents are said to be in a confused state of mind.  This confusion is due to the teenager being neither a child nor a grownup, they are in between and they are confused by this new changes in their minds, emotions and bodies. The teenage child is not trained on how to handle the changes they are experiencing. Continue reading →September 27, 2011 at 5:48 pmNo commentsadmin

Success to many in Kenya is the accumulation of material wealth, that is, money and we are all in pursuit of it.  This is why the how to success in Kenya is big business because everyone is looking for ways to be a success.  The desire to succeed is inherent in every human being and it is God who created us that way.  The acronym below best describes the definition of success.

S– Self actualisation in oneself.
U– Utilisation of God given talents and gifts
C– Challenges taken positively to achieve
C– Commitment to achieve.
E– Effect of achievement felt positively
S– Satisfaction and self fulfilment realised
S-Set goals are achieved.

There is a success story that I love very much because it illustrates how God created man a genius.  Excloosives is a crazy business idea, one that deals with mobile toilets.  It is the first and only company that does that.  The Chief executive Officer of this company tells of his story and says that whilst in South Africa doing a totally different job on another line he saw this mobile toilets and he figured that it would meet a certain need in Kenya.  So he gave the idea a thought and talked to the necessary people and then came back home and did some feasibility study.  The success story of excloosives is phenomenal.  The solution this provides to Kenyans means that you  can have your function anywhere in this country and you do not have to worry about where the toilets are because excloosives is there to take care of your toilet needs.  Who does not go to the loo?  We all do so you can imagine we are all potential customers of excloosives.

The Chief Executive Officer, just saw an idea and thought of how it can be replicated in his own country.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with totally new idea’s, you can just improve on what is already available.  You could improve on already existing products and be a success in that way.  You could start a small business like buying second had goods, earn money enough to an international trade fair.  I saw a Kenyan youth who had a good idea, attended a trade fair in Korea and is now doing lucrative business selling Kenyan products and she is now using creative technology where she earns money online.

how to Success in Kenya

The how to success in Kenya is therefore to identify a need in your society, allocate resources, and create value to the customer.  Using the excloosive example you can see how it works. This creation of value is by providing solutions to the needs of the people.   Kenya has very many areas of need that are not met, you just need to open your eyes and provide solutions to Kenyan Problems.


Gods perspective on Success is found in many books in the bible. In the old testament every Godly man in het bible was successful according to the standards of his day.  This is because in Deutronomy 28: 1-15 God lists the blessings he will endow on his children, those who obey his word as laid out in the bible.  In Kenyan terms anyone who is blessed in this manner is a success.  In Joshua 1:7 we also see Gods point of view on success where he promises Joshua Success and prosperity but there is only one condition that he must meditate on the word of God day and night so that the word of God changes who he is on the inside and the obvious result is that he will speak it because out of the abundance of a man’s heart his mouth speaketh.  Gods perspective on how to success in Kenya is simply that we have to be connected to the power house of God through his word.  The word of God changes your being, your inner core, the wellspring of your success.  Your being includes your thinking.  The way you think determines the outcomes in your life, it determines whether you get new ideas.  New ideas are the life to success.  As long as you the branch are connected to Jesus who is the vine, you will have an influx of money making ideas.

As you have noted that Gods definition of success is not the amount of  material wealth one has accumulated.  The Bible says a man’s worth is not in how much he possesses.  A man’s worth is in how much of Gods promises is being accomplished in one’s life.  A human life is divided into 8 areas of development – family, other relations, health, education, career cum business, financial, emotional and  spiritual.  Success in one’s life is gauged by looking at all these 8 areas not just one area – material as  many of us are in the habit of doing.  One can be successful financially but his family or health is suffering, he tehn cannot be said to be sccessfull.  The how to success in Gods eyes is a holistic view.  We should all strive to achieve the success that comes from God which encompasses all 8 areas of our lives.


Success that lasts and that does not bring sorrow is difficult ot attain without character ethic hence the bible teaching.

There have been two dominant theories of achieving success, that is, the personality ethic and the character ethic. The personality ethic is the original theory however in recent years the character ethic has become dominant.

The character ethic focuses on integrating the principles of effective living into one’s character. This may take time, but working on your character is a worthwhile goal. This is because you are getting to the root from which the how to Successin Kenya behaviour flows. The character ethic sees individual development as a long-term process.  It works on the engine of your mind from which good ideas originate.  Character is who you are and what you do when no one is looking.

The personality ethic teaches skills and techniques one may learn and a public image, personality and attitudes one may develop that result in success. The problem is, eventually one may be discovered to be insincere and shallow as these skills do not originate from deep within you.  it is better when these ideas are helpful and flow naturally from a good character and right motives. Principles are guidelines that are fundamental for human conduct.  They are proven to have enduring, permanent value.

The how to success in Kenya can only be achieved is by working on developing your Character to one that attracts success and also providing people, the market, with solutions to their needs.  The more you meet people’s needs the more successful you are, i guess that is why Jesus said that for one to be the greatest they must first be a servant to the people. Invest time and money to develop your inner self from which Success driven ideas flow.

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