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2014 August | Success Consciousness For Parents

2014 August | Success Consciousness For Parents

2014 August | Success Consciousness For Parents”As he thinketh in his heart so is he”

The majority of males have difficulty in attracting girls and starting off a romantic association with them. You need to know how to attract a woman fittingly before you are able to really expect her to return your interest. Apply these cool tips on how to attract a woman and begin charming your way to the woman’s heart.

How can you attract that gorgeous woman if you don’t believe you are interesting? Take pleasure in your style and your physique as they’re now. If you really feel appealing, a female could most likely pick up on this; nevertheless if you think ugly, she will also sense this.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you simply do not have to improve yourself physically in the event you find you can still lose some weight or work out for physical fitness and health. However, feeling appealing as you are now will help you draw women in.

Confidence is important. A self-confident man is extremely attractive to girls. And it doesn’t have to be a loud type of self-confidence. A guy who projects quiet self-confidence in things he does is much more appealing as compared to a man who boasts of his successes. Actually, a guy that boasts might actually have an underlying feeling of low self-esteem, and therefore, is not confident at all. This really is definitely not how to attract a woman.

Consequently, when you talk to women, express self-confidence. If you have to talk about your triumphs, talk about them only temporarily and casually, within the context of a particular narrative.

Chivalry still triumphs! Even within this age of equality with the sexes, becoming a gentleman is still in, but recognize that you simply are doing so not because women are inferior, but simply because you admire and cherish them. Open doors, pull seats for a girl, and let her sense you respect her.

Always be enthralled. Whenever you are talking to her, show that you simply are thinking about every word she says. Make eye contact. Lean forward. Nod at suitable times. Do not check out other individuals, most definitely other gals, whilst talking to her. Give her your complete attention.

Make sincere compliments. A woman likes being valued. Discover something you really like about her and compliment her on it. The more specific the compliment is, the far better.

By no means, ever offer phony compliments. The girl will inevitably see through you when you do. And besides, if you really like her, why would you have to fake a compliment?

Make them have fun. A great sense of humor is one of the best assets a guy can offer in attracting a woman. Wit can bring immediate connection in a conversation. Additionally, the woman will probably make sure to remember you. Try to remember any previous experience when another individual made you smile and really feel great, then apply that feel on the girl you are attracted to.

Occasionally, you do not specifically need to make her bust a gut, but keep the conversation light and enjoyable.

Apply these fantastic ideas on how to attract women and you will find meeting girls enjoyable rather than nerve-wracking.August 15, 2014 at 7:15 amMammieCremeanListed below are several different methods of the way to approach a lady.

1. The Insult Method

The technique behind this opener is usually to strategy the ladies and start out off using a compliment. This opens her up and tends to make her a lot more receptive. You then continue you using a incredibly light indirect insult. This approach tends to humble the girl your approaching and have a tendency to produce her have to right you or make her feel like she has to prove some thing to you. The main power of this strategy is the fact that it truly is almost Impossible for the girl to ignore you and not engage in conversation in some manner so hence you’ve succeeded inside your very first target which can be to obtain her engaged in a conversation with you. That is the actual energy of an pickup girls Insult Strategy, since anytime your target feels the need to prove one thing to you, it ups your perceived social value in their eyes on a subconscious level.

2. The Compliment Strategy

This really is the oldest and most well-known cliché method known to man since the starting of time. The trick is usually to now compliment the females on her looks (unless she is ugly then go ahead and confuse her genuine undesirable). You see hot women have been approached in this manner a billion instances. She is not going to think you and also you will bore her. You surely won’t make yourself stand out in any good way. When approaching ladies the trick to pulling this off is to compliment her on one thing she has never ever been complimented on. One thing that is going to create her consider and knock her off guard slightly. Then she might be open and much more receptive to what you girlfriend will need to say soon after that.

3. The Drama Strategy

Women Love Drama!! It tends to make them really feel excited and alive. You essentially inform the lady a story that puts you in the middle of this drama story creating confident that you’re not portrayed or observed because the STARTER from the drama. That would just put up an enormous red flag inside the woman’s mind. An instance of how to pull this off would be let’s say you’re inside a line at a grocery story. The lady you want to method is proper in from of you. You say some thing like “Oh my god, you’d not think what just occurred to me” and after that go on to tell some fascinating or outrageous story that you just had been right inside the middle of. It doesn’t matter if it is created up or real. Ideally you conclude the story inside a manner that is certainly humorous and makes the ladies laugh. The beauty of this strategy is that proper off the bat a females sees you as an fascinating and interesting guy.

4. The Advice Approach

With this approach you come off as getting an professional. You fundamentally take note on the circumstance the girl is in and look for a technique to provide her advice without coming off like a know it all jerk. The way you could possibly do this is with what exactly is known as the sandwich compliment. Begin by complimenting her, give her your assistance, end with another compliment, a thing that makes her come off as becoming smarter than other females is great. Make the suggestions some thing that is definitely practical and she will genuinely appreciate your telling her it.

Which of these strategies have worked for you?August 15, 2014 at 7:08 amAngusCAEqzgeaqy

Are you like most American’s who have been unable to devote any money to a retirement strategy? I comprehend the demands on earnings these days! In this current economy salaries are not keeping up with rising costs – expenses of every thing!

Let me inform you about the shortage of info on real estate investing as it was when I started. Trader golf equipment? I certain couldn’t discover 1 in my region in those days. Also in contrast to today, exactly where significant book shops devote whole business sections to real estate investing, I experienced to scrounge the shelves of local libraries for out-of-print, dusty, moldy-smelling, genuine estate reading supplies.

The monetarily smart person creates more than he or she consumes. By subsequent the over strategy you can arrive to prosperity and secure your financial long term. Even a low paid individual, making use of this theory will get into monetary independence than the wealthy who consume all they produce.

Debt Reduction can build you massive leverage in building a financial nest egg due to the reality that you now have ‘free’ money that you can put in the direction of ironfish Joseph Chou instead of having to place in the direction of financial debt.

If you have credit card financial debt, use your rebate verify to pay off as a lot as possible. Since the average interest rate on credit cards is more than eighteen%25, this could be the best investment you make with your rebate money.

Seek professional help from a financial advisor from an set up bank. You could also appear for the vice president of HNWI (building networth Person) to guide you with your winnings. A number of banking institutions have different affiliations of such.

You come house from a real estate seminar, all fired up to be a rehabber. Fix it and flip it! Only problem is, your area has a gentle marketplace for resells. Who you gonna promote it to? That was my first amateur challenge. I found the properties. Fixed them properly enough, but no 1 was buying in those times. I was stuck, or so I believed. It didn’t take me lengthy to figure out rather of promoting my rehabs, I ought to keep them and lease them out. There was a powerful renters’ market. With my newbies luck, I accrued numerous rental qualities, and the money movement quickly surpassed my wage at my working day job.

I like the News and Observer’s morning paper. All of it. Don’t alter a factor except add a “No Work & No Money” section. Give Sunday advice to ALL your readers on how to endure, not just to these readers with the indicates and the assets to “position themselves” for the restoration.August 15, 2014 at 6:53 amNancee65Ecgvws

One day in the office a friend came in and informed us that she had just warned her husband of 15 years that morning that she is going to look for a boyfriend. First I laughed uncontrably and then asked her ‘and what did he say?’ and she answered that he just looked at me blankly with a short smile.

So I asked her Why did you tell him that? She just blurted out that ‘the reason that most marriages fail is not because of the woman’s abilities or disabilities but because of a mans inability to satisfy her sexually. I was shocked beyond belief. I gasped What? She said “YES! MEN’S INABILITY TO SATISFY THEIR WOMEN SEXUALLY LEADS TO UNFAITHFUL WIVES”! Wah, I took a few minutes to digest before she continued.

I then put on an understanding face and added in agreement “that obviously means the sexual needs of a man are different from that of a woman.” And she nodded affirmatively.

FGM & Unfaithful Wives

Apparently a man is turned on by the activity going on in his mind. So he could come into bed and believe he is seeing Beyonce and he gets turned on and all he cares is that he ejaculates and and feels good. He does not care what his partner is feeling or whether the Partners sexual needs are met or not.

Once he is done the woman is left there hanging – emotionally and sexually. Once one is left hanging two, three times, one naturally shifts their energies elsewhere. “So what does that mean practically speaking, I asked?”

“If you are not a good wife – you stop having sex altogether with your husband though you sleep on the same bed. And if you are a good wife like me she continued, “ you just lay there and let him do his thing and your mind is in Spain”, once he is finished he turns around and dozes off immediately and the good wife turns on the other side and starts planning her day or starts counting the money she made during the day depending on what community she belongs.” I just burst out laughing again. My friend is hilarious.

So I asked, ” Is that Why most women do not experience Orgasm?” and she said Yes.And What is Sex to a Woman?

Whilst the sexual need of a man is physical and therefore satisfied by a physical activity – actual penetration, that of a woman is emotional. Whether a woman is sexually satisfied is dependant on how well a man or her Partner has well taken care of her emotional needs.

In other words to a woman the words spoken and actions taken all through the day upto the point of having sex are contributory factors to how she feels about being physical. So a woman’s sexual satisfaction comes from the sense of hearing and touch. She loves to hear and be told sweet nothings, to be touched, at best foreplay but the actual penetration is for the man’s benefit.The Challenge

As I sat there pondering because I am a affirm believer of Cause and effect, I wondered what could have caused these problem in Modern Kenyan Marriages? Could it be it has always been there but ignored because the Kenyan culture believes a woman has no sexual needs and even if it is there it is not important or is it a new emerging need due to Western development of the woman psyche? The more I thought about it – it dawned on me this new sexual behavior in women had everything to do with abolition of FGM.

FGM is the operation whereby the clitoris a very sensitive sexual organ on a woman’s private part is removed. The reason that Kenyan communities carried out the practice in the olden days was to curb unfaithfulness and sexual promiscuity in the society.

With the abolition of FGM, a woman’s sexual appetite was left on the loose. However, whilst Western development introduced abolition of FGM, they never introduced training for the Kenyan men on how to deal with the new sexual needs of the Uncircumcized Kenyan woman.

Increasing the sexual appetite of women was not the only problem abolition of FGM introduced. With women liberation, women believe that their sexual satisfaction is paramount just like that of a man and that their needs are valid. And if not met she has various options that range from being unfaithfull to buying objects for personal satisfaction.Abolition of FGM is here to stay so what now?

There are two options: the men can choose to deal with the problem or ignore it.

Men must be empowered to know that women have different sexual needs from them and trained on how to meet them. This needs vary from woman to woman so a man can google and learn the subject generally but they have to zero down on the sexual needs of the woman they love. It is paramount that every man/husband seeks to understand what pleases their woman partner.

Some women are more demanding than others. Whatever the  Case you are upto the task – she is yours, you chose her. So when dating, as you discuss how many Children you shall have or how many joint bank accounts you will have, please remember to discuss her sexual preferences in an attempt to fight one of the effects of abolition of FGM as you will note, later on in the marriage, it is important.

My friend concluded by telling me “Let no one lie to you, most women are unfaithful to their husbands because husbands do not satisfy their wives sexually and that leads to a woman not being a good wife.”Abolition of FGM is here to stay and it is a good development. This then means that both parties to a Marriage must seek creative ways to build a happy and strong marriage not leaving any area untouched because the needs of each party in the relationship is valid.August 14, 2014 at 10:21 amNo commentsadmin

0704 – 714041 is the Telephone Counseling Line in Kenya. Counseling is talking about your issues or problems to a third party expecting some kind of help on how to deal with the issue from the third party. In Kenya till now it is a service that has been tendered face to face.

This could be the reason most people are anti-counseling. They cannot imagine sharing their lives with a third party because to them it looks like failure. Those times are over. In the 21st Century Telephone Counseling in Kenya is an option that fits most people in relationships.

Telephone Counseling

Kenya is developing very fast socially and economically. It has also become technologically savvy compared to our neighbours that we are referred to as the IT hub of the region.

This means that almost every Kenyan, the rural and urban including Children as young as 10 years old have cell phones. So most of our business in Kenya is carried out by telephones.

This basically means that Kenyans now have a lot on their plates and very little time to do it. This in turn means that one has to look at fast, quick and effective means of doing what they are doing so that they can achieve a lot in a shorter period of time. It means that there is not enough time to do all what you need to do.

This lack of time has brought up alot of new industries and affected the way we lead our daily lives. For example because we are spending a lot of time working and left with little time to socialize we meet new friends on social media or look for love on the net hence the online dating Industry which is mushrooming in Kenya with a lot of success.Telephone Counselingin Kenya is therefore an additional service to cater for this busy individual who has no other avenue or has no one to talk about what troubles them and help them understand themselves and their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Advantages of Telephone Counseling

a)      Convenience – It can be done by anyone, at anytime at their place of convenience for however long one desires. You get immediate solutions and you can call as many times as you wish.

b)      Increased anonymity – you do not have to give your name or any personal information therefore your reputation is protected because your family or business or work colleagues do not know what you are going through.

c)       Increased affordability – One does not have to travel to the Counselor so It saves on travelling costs and time spent travelling.

d)      Potential availability – one can call at any time of the day and one is assured of getting someone on the other side of the line. Telephone Counseling in Kenya is a 24 hour service.

Emotional Benefits of Telephone Counseling

a)      Quicker Healing – a problem is a problem half shared. So telephone counseling brings healing faster. The fact that one’s identity is secret they feel free to be open and so they are able to receive faster solutions to the many issues they raise and therefore healing occurs faster.

b)      Increased Productivity – Our personal problems affect our productivity at work and at home. So telephone counseling can increase productivity because you can call at any time and once you feel better about the issue you are facing then you are able to work at Peak.

c)       Telephone Counselingin Kenya builds Stronger relationships. A caller received undivided attention and they feel comfortable as they are not being judged and we encourage them to come up with the solution so they become a healer of themselves and that restores self confidence and self esteem which will be reflected in how they relate with others.

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