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7 Ways to Develop a One

7 Ways to Develop a One

Is it possible to develop a relationship with God in the 21st century? The human race is technologically advanced more than ever before that they do not see the need for God really.  This however, is the question that  the modern citizen is grappling with.

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The world economic climate is changing daily like the ozone layer.  It is taking all by surprise and no one seems to know what will happen tomorrow. In America I heard almost three quarters of home owners either lost their homes or are on the verge of losing their homes.

In my country Kenya, the same situation is taking place. Anyone with a mortgage is having to pay much more than they had actually planned and the incomes are not increasing so what is likely to happen is that most home e owners are likely to be unable to pay and their homes once again taken back by the Banks at a lower amount than they actually are.

My point is, with life changing so fast world over don’t you think it would be better if you had a friend who is willing to help you.  A friend who is not human and who, from where he is sitting, sees everything and can tell what the next move of everybody is?

Even if the world situation does not change immediately, he is able to comfort you and even intervene in your situations so that you are not swallowed up by the circumstances. A friend who intervenes for you.  A friend who works even when you are asleep.  A friend who is reliable.

I do have a relationship with God and I must say it helps me in allot of circumstances.  I do not want to explain my relationship further but I must say it works and I would want it to work for you too hence this article.What is a relationship with God Like

Now most religious people do not necessarily have a relationship with God per se. Why? Because religious people are more interested in doing things the way their church, synagogue, mosque etc tells them to do.  So they are good at practicing doctrines. This is not the same as having a relationship with God.

The key word here is relationship. Relationship means you are related, you have a kin between you, it means you talk allot; it means you have something that ties you together. So it is withGod.

When you say you have a relationship with God it means you relate with him.  You talk, you ask questions, he is active in your life, you consult him and this is on a daily basis not just on the Sabbath.  You have given him right of way in your life; he has access to your life.

Having a relationship withGod is the same way you have a relationship with your best friend.  You can decide to go out just the two of you.  How is that practical? You arrange for a picnic and the only physical body that will be there is yours and you invite God to be present with you. Tell him what you have to say then you keep quiet and listen. Infact you could do more listening than talking.

Why?  Because God speaks in a still small voice and he could also talk through anything – a bird, someone passes by and tells you something, a truck passes by written something, I’m want his ways are inexhaustible.  You just need to be  in zinc with the spirit of God and stay still. The practise of meditation happens more or less the same way.

In meditation, you find the human does not talk much but he is thinking (meditating) on the Holy Scriptures and then it reaches a point and he stops thinking, he surrenders his thinking and waits for however long for some divine revelation. Divine Revelation is the still small voice ofGod speaking.

That’s what it’s like.  Giving divine intelligence an upper hand in your life.  It is not easy.  It is a journey however, one must make that decision and I think no matter how learned or wealthy you are, you are better off having a relationship with God.

There is a book called ‘the Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma, it is a good story of a rich lawyer who realised the value of developing  a relationship with God. He came to realise that attaining material wealth without a relationship with God  is all vanity.How do I develop a relationship with God?

Here are various practices that you can do to nurture your relationship with God.

a)      Every day set aside time to pray, read scripture and sing and just be alone with God.

b)      Practise seeking his opinion over your life.  Ask God, what do you think I should do here? Divine guidance yields better results than human guidance.

c)       Pray according to the Holy Book. This way you are telling the almighty you said this so can it happen in my life as evidence that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.

d)      Search on the internet for material that supports your relationship with God.

e)      Attend seminars or workshops that relate to your spiritual growth.

f)       Attend a local assembly, people who practise your faith, and worship with them, no man is an island.

g)      Listen to a radio station or watch television station that teaches about the supreme being and helps you grow and nurture your spiritual self.

The late Jim Rohn, one of my mentors,  said that the best way to develop a relationship with God is not only to believe but also to teach, study and share what you learn. Why? because what you believe becomes ingrained in your consciousness and develops further your dependance on God and a special friendship is formed.

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