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My Re-Birth


Between September 2011 and January 2013, I went through some economic depression and I kept asking myself so many questions. I wondered, How can an intelligent girl acquire so much knowledge and self development and yet suffer economic depression? My second Aha moment came in right then. Divine intelligence answered me ‘Because the intelligent girl had the knowledge but she never practised it’.

So how can she not practise the knowledge? Again the answer came in a flash, that it was because of the belief system I had carried along with me since my childhood.

A belief system that believed in lack, scarcity, a poverty consciousness. It is this belief system that determined my actions hence the results in my life. I had never been so shocked. I have been interpreting all this information with the left hand kind of thinking as described in the Cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.

The left hand thinkers ( where you will find the employed and the self employed) think life is just for existence and go on as it comes, without much planning. They spend all that they earn and do not care to save or invest for the future. Just by flux if they save, when things get thick as they sometimes will, they will rush to their savings.

The end result is that the best they can achieve is a middle class lifestyle. Whilst to those on the right (where you find the business owners and the investors) they see life as an investment. The irony of it all is that every middle class individual works very hard to achieve the lifestyle of the right hand side of the cashflow quadrant.


After the above depression, I remembered something I had read that said – ‘what knowledge is in your possession that you could package to benefit humanity and make a buck?’ So I remembered I had alot of knowledge on personal growth and finance. When I started out this journey of expressing my gift – I called it Poverty Eradication, then Poverty Elimination, Then Success, and now Wealth Creation.

In 2012 in an attempt to become a household name as one of Africas greatest Motivational Speakers, I managed to get myself to a radio station where I was aired once a day every week 7-8am for 6 months. People would call in and they were very excited about what I was talking about but I did not have anything I was selling and the concept was not well developed. It is then I wrote the booklet In an attempt to share the wealth creation message, I wrote my first booklet ‘Wealth Creation 101’ and it was published in 2013. After that I did not know where to go or do next.


In the last quatre of 2014, my dream and vision of wealth creation was ignited when I joined a Public Speaking Course and I met like minded people and I remembered my purpose and my gift

It is for this reason that I set up this site to empower Middle class persons:-

who desire to move from the left hand side of the cashflow quadrant to the right hand side.

who are tired of yielding fruit that is way below their potential.

who are willing to pay the price of being and becoming a new person by renewing their thinking so that they can consequently increase their income.

Who are fed up of earning a default income. You can determine how much you earn.

The purpose of this site is to help you become that person who chooses the income they earn and attracts an income equivalent to their value.

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In Africa you can tell of all your Successes and great stories but unless you mention your marital status, you have said basically nothing. I guess Family is the core of African Culture. Therefore, Irene Mally is a Senior Lady in waiting, a Mother and Grandmother of handsome 2 year old Nathan.

We offer Public Speaking Services to Corporations, Small and Medium enterprises, Youth, Women groups and Investment groups. We also provide Counselling Services.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:
  • Relationships with clients, with employees
  • Integrity in all we do toachieve full potential
  • Respectful Candor, our advice is clear and uncompromised
  • Value-Added so everything is geared towards creating value