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My Work History

My Work History


When I came back home, I had a Law degree and no intention of practising Law and my dad who was a Lawyer kept pushing me to become an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. And I murmuringly told him my Law was a stepping stone to greater things. So, he was like what?!! What is above Law? I had no answer. My dad passed on 6 months after my arrival in September 1999.

Because I believed in my purpose – to become a Motivational Speaker – I did not intend to go to Law School so I started marketing my ideas to various people whom I thought would help me champion my cause. In a very short time, It dawned on me that either the market was not ready for my idea or I was not ready for the market when the then Chair of NCCK (National Council of Churches of Kenya) told me – “I am mesmerized”. I left there wondering, ‘what did he mean?’ and i stopped sharing my idea again from then on.

As I was pondering my rise and fall of marketing my idea, I realized that part of my introduction included that I was a Law graduate from the UK and the next obvious question was “Have you been to Law School?” and I was like No. It was not long before I realized that saying you have a Law degree in Kenya and you have not been in Law School in Kenya is like saying you are a fisherman without a fishing rod. So I started the process of joining Law School and I am now an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya of 11 years standing.


I have worked in various places from various Law firms to Kenya Law Reports to one of Kenyas reputable Banks where I worked for 10 years before resigning.

In the Bank, the salary was great, there was a lot of money for employees in form of facilities – the mortgage was at 4%, one could have a car loan within 6 months of starting to work. The Money was good. However, no one educated the Bank employees on how to use the money at their disposal so within a very short time, most Bank employees were in debt to their throats, including their credit cards borrowed to the brim. The consequence is that the employee could not resign as they were upto their heads with debt.

I looked at various circumstances and It dawned on me that the vision I initially had of myself shall never be achieved as long as I worked in the said job (with an income of 6 figures) and I also realized that I was walking slower than I did when I joined 10years back. So I feared, leaving at retirement just incase I could not walk then. My daughter was in Form 1 so I figured by the time she finished Form 4 in 3 years time I should have gone through the whole transition learning curve and started making some serious money. Not so, but never at any time did I regret leaving my employment in October 2010 without any planning.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:
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