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24 Nov
marriage counselor kenya

Why Middle Class Marriages Fail: 10 Reasons Why

Middle class couples have beautiful weddings that are worth being televised. They spend alot of time and money planning a memorable wedding. However, a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage are two different things. Most middle class couples do not seem to realize that just it took alot of time and energy to have a […]

22 Nov
changing family structure in kenya

The Family structure in Kenya is Changing

The family structure in Kenya is going through major changes. The current structure consists of various components. From how the family is organized, to how it is run, to who are the members and their individual or collective functions, to the hierarchy of family members. I recently was listening to a local radio station that […]

22 Nov
teenage pregnancies in kenya

The Dilemma of Teenage Pregnancies in Kenya

Teenagers today in Kenya High Schools are exposed to a lot of sex on our television screens. It is no surprise that there’s a rise in teenage pregnancies in Kenya. It is also common knowledge that teenagers like to experiment yet a teenager in our society today is not equipped to be a parent and […]