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Christians are Poor by Choice 7 Reasons Why

Christians are Poor by Choice 7 Reasons Why

It is an old teaching that it is pious to be poor. This teaching is wrong because that is not what the new testament teaches. It says the Jesus became poor so that Christians can be rich. It also says that Jesus came so that Christians can have an abundant life. So if this words of Jesus are truth, where is the problem? I think the reason why Christians in Kenya are poor by choice is because they do not play their role in the divine relationship they enter into when they become Christians.Religion versus Spirituality

Poor christians

Most Christians are content with going to church on one day a week, being preached to and go back home to continue with life as before. When you become a Christian your life is not supposed to be the same again and if it is, something is wrong and you need to consider your ways. These are the Christians that believe Jesus brought a religion called Christianity.

Jesus belonged to the Jewish religion so he could not have been bringing a religion. A religion is a set of rules and doctrines that seek to make it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus brought a Godly lifestyle, a relationship with God not a religion.

This belief of religion makes many Christians involve themselves deeply in outward works and never paying attention to their inward development yet god clearly states that he looks at the heart and not works. This focus on outward self draws one further and further from God and ensures Christians in Kenya are poor by choice.

 Relationship with God

Jesus brought what Adam and Eve had at the garden of Eden for all those who believe. A relationship with God. As in every relationship you must invest time and energy for it to grow. You must spend time with the one’s you have a relationship with. You must share stuff with them. You find you are closer to some family members than others depending on how much you share. Lacking this understanding makes most Christians not look at their faith as a relationship with God. How does one develop this relationship?

 Seeking God

Going to church to hear a sermon and thinking that is enough is to let another seek God for you. He has read the bible, prayed, sought God on the revelation. God has given him a revelation depending on the faith he has in God and his understanding. Why do you want your relationship with God to be determined by another’s understanding.

Why do you not want to know God and you can only do so by seeking him. Those who Know god will do great exploits. You work hard every day because you want to do great things with your life but if you do not know God, all you will do is hustling. If you want to do great things with your life you need to know God for yourself not another telling you about him.

Spiritual Authority

Because Christians do not develop a relationship with God and consequently do not know God, they do not seem to take their place of authority on this earth. So all sorts of spirits play around with them and their lives are messed up and they blame the economy, politics, their in-laws etc, anything outside themselves except themselves. This abandonment of spiritual authority which comes from spiritual ignorance leads to Christians in Kenya being poor by Choice.

When Jesus died and his blood shed on the ground for you, alot was accomplished. Just to mention a few he gave you authority over all evil on earth and the power of the enemy. He defeated all evil forces for you on the cross. The blessings are many but they cannot be actualized in your life until you play your part. Playing your part means you taking your spiritual authority and speaking the word. How do you explain that there are Christians in whose lives the word has become flesh whilst in the majority it is all theory?

 Holy Spirit – A helper

When Jesus was living earth he said, “I will not leave you alone. I will give you a helper.” That helper is the Holy spirit.  In the grace prayer, we say that ‘the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us always’. Do you fellowship with the Holy Spirit?

Part of the Holy Spirits job description is that he will only reveal to you that which comes from the Father. He can be of great assistance in developing that relationship with God but many of us do not work with him yet Jesus is in heaven but the Holy Spirit is here on earth with us. He is the only God head who lives on earth. He can help Christians in Kenya stop being poor by Choice.

 The Grace

It is interesting that most churches preach the Law and grace mixed together and as a result most Christians lead confused lives, that is why I hate churches with interpreters because you can never tell if the interpretation is correct or not and secondly that is why I am advocating that each Christian should seek God for themselves instead of depending on the Pastor or Clergy.

Jesus did not bring the Law but brought grace. Grace is unmerited favor. It is a gift from God for us for free. We did not have to do anything to receive it. This then means all you have to do is accept Jesus into your life. Jesus said he came to fulfill the Law not to destroy it. As you read the Old testament, you find that it is talking alot abut Jesus and there is a great connection between the two testaments. Infact for a Christian just to read the New testament alone could be another reason why a Christian is poor by choice.

Under the Law, one must do alot of works to be righteous however after Jesus death on the cross, Jesus did it all for us who believe in him. So all you have to do to be righteous is believe in Jesus Christ. However, you must grow into the things of Christ so that you are not always a baby in the things of the Spirit because God is spirit. This spiritual growth will lead you to understand the gospel of grace in relation to your Life.

After Jesus died and rose again, alot of things changed. For example, though we work and we must as long as God has given you breath and energy, it is not your work that brings you success but it is the grace of God working in you. You start to understand statements like it is all about God and not you.

If you want to know more about Grace – read the book of Galatians and listen to Creflo Dollar and Joseph Prince ( both Pastors come on family TV daily). You will start to understand that the works of your hands do not count for much if you are living a surrendered life. It is Gods grace which counts.

 Inward Transformation

The bible also says that ‘be ye transformed by the renewal of our mind’. We all desire transformation in our lives and it is not happening. Why? Because our thinking remains the same yesterday, today and forever. If you want your life to change you have to change your thinking which comes from your mind.

What influences your mind? Is it positive or negative information? You need to be very careful what your mind is exposed to because what goes through your mind determines the reality in your life. This is why a Christian is advised to read the bible often, to mix with people of good character and to keep away from evil.

It is also written that May you prosper in all things and be in good health just as your soul prospers. In other words the prosperity of your soul determines the prosperity of your life in general. You soul is not the same as your Spirit. Your soul is your mind and emotions. This then means that you have to invest in growing your mind and emotions positively with the fear of the Lord included and as your soul grows so will it be reflected in your health and the rest of your life.

Do you now see why Christians in Kenya are poor by choice? It is not their heritage or portion. Infact one of the reasons of becoming a Christian should be to avoid poverty. Poverty of Spirit and mind. The guidelines are all laid down in the Holy book but we choose not to follow them and then we blame divinity for not blessing us. Let us be reminded we are in a relationship with God and God has already done his part and it is up to us to do our part by seeking him and resting in the finished work of Jesus. He will reveal the rest as we grow in him.

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