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Dating Rules for Over 40’s – Do they Exist?

18 Nov
Dating Rules for over 40's

Dating Rules for Over 40’s – Do they Exist?

A first date can make or break a relationship. It determines if you ever see each other again. It is that important and so everyone dating wants to know how they should be on their best behavior on this first date. The title, however, suggests that dating rules change with age. Is that true? Absolutely. For example, dating rules for over 40’s are less complex to under 30’s.

As I have grown older I have realized that dating rules change with age. Teenagers do not have rules, they are happy they have someone interested in them, they do not even think they can be interested in another. In their twenties, parties start having rules because they are more self aware but these rules are not very well defined.

In the thirties, the rules are so defined, each party knows what they want and they are expecting their rights to be met. There is a fear that each date could be your last so in one’s thirties one is not comfortable until the ring is put on your finger or you start living together. The situation is worsened if you are both career persons.

dating rules for over 40's
Top Tips on how to go about your first date when over 40

There is an age that you want to reach. It is over 40. Love birds in their 40’s do not have a lot of time on their hands to date forever. So the dating rules for over 40’s are a bi

Top Dating Rules  for over 40’s

Should You Kiss?

When younger the rules are do not kiss on the first date. Over 40 you can kiss on the first date depending on how he conducted himself. When one is over 40 it is very difficult to hide who they really are so one date is quite easy to tell the kind of person they really are.

If they are dating an over 40 year old, they too are able to pick the vibes pretty first. So kissing on the first date is okay for over 40’s depending on your judgement. I can bet you $100 dollars 80% of over 40’s kiss on their fist date. A kiss can tell you quite alot about a person and like I said, over 40’s want to learn as much as possible in such a short time because time is not on their side.

Sex on the first date?

Well Sex is serious business. When you have sex, it should mean something especially for a woman. For men sex on a first date is always the reason they dated you in the first place.

According to Steve Harvey in his book ‘Think like a man, act like a lady’ he says that when a guy checks out a chick his main aim is to find out how quickly he can get you to bed. However, the dating rule for over 40’s regarding sex is whether it is fitting for both parties.

Dating for over 40's Kenya

If either party does not feel like it, then it does not happen but if both parties are agreeable, it is okay. Will you see each other after that? It depends on your emotional intelligence skills. This is because some guys do not like ladies who accept to sex on the first date irrespective of age and there are others who think it is an admirable trait as it shows a lady who knows what she wants.

Be in your best behavior

this is the rule for the younger persons. The dating rule for over 40’s be yourself. If they like you, it is okay if they don’t it is okay. Over 40’s do not have the time to pretend. Over 40’s are quite comfortable with who they are and are only willing to mingle with those who accept them as they are. They do not have a high stress tolerance and so like keeping things simple.

Placing everything on the table – the younger folks prefer to play mind games and keep each other guessing and so need to date forever to sas each other out. Over 40’s do not have the time or energy for such games so they place everything on the table for discussion. People over 40 have had countless relationships prior and so they are more relaxed when it comes to dating.

Ladies Maintain Your Standards

I know it may sound like it is all systems go for over 40’s but Ladies we are expected to have some standards and if you do not have them, the guy is not really attracted to you. Even though dating rules for over 40’s are not as hard, a lady must maintain her standards, her dignity and let the guy pursue you, adore you and value you. How he does this is for you to dictate. Men love women with standards.

Bottom line is that the laxity of dating rules of over 40’s makes dating a very simple affair and they can both be married within 3 months because they both agree they are both different and they can agree to work over their differences and to accept each other as they are. Even when parting over 40’s part with no hard feelings. Of course this depends on how mature one is emotionally and spiritually.

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