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Do Not Die a Copy You are Born an Original

Do Not Die a Copy You are Born an Original

It is said that there are two things sure of human life – to be born and to die. We are all born and we will die. What happens in between birth and death is another is what determines whether we shall be remembered as originals or copies. Which one do you prefer?

We all fear death. I think one of the reasons people fear death is because we wonder whether we have done all what we were supposed to do here on earth.  I mean to die is the finality of things.  You cannot add or subtract anything from your life after you die.

A child knows that they can achieve anything they want to.  They know that they were born to be originals adn we should learn from them. What that child becomes as an adult is dependant on how much of their creativity was curtailed as they grew up.

Dont die a Copy

I read a book that said that we are all borne geniuses.  That there is one thing we were created to do that no one else could do. Yes you could be a singer like all the others but the way you do it no one else can do it.  In other words in each one of us there is a seed of creativity. We are borne to be creators. This creativity is hidden in our talents. The amazing thing is that most of us do not know what our talent is.

This being so we have followed the industrialization route of go to school and after school look for a job. In a job you do some tasks that are repetitive and that do not involve any creativity on your part.  You are never solving a problem. You are never coming up with new ideas of doing things. Your mind is never challenged so you are never creative.

You see our creativity is from our mind.  The mind is a muscle. The more you use it, exercise it the better and stronger it becomes. That is why when you start school you are not so good but as you continue in school you become better at understanding and remembering what you read.  Why? Because your brain and mind muscle is trained to withstand the pressure you are putting on it.

This then means that if your job is not involving reasoning of any kind, then your mind muscle is not stretched and so your creativity becomes dormant and dies. If you do not know what your talent is, nurturing your creativity is the only way to get to know it.

In other words there is no human being that was born without a talent and without creativity.  If we all exercised our minds in the right manner we would be surprised at what we can do.  I mean, the human race have not even seen what the human mind can achieve.  That is why Henry Ford said that whatever a mind can conceive it can achieve.

Can you imagine all the technology you see that is awesome is as a result of only a few humans using their creativity.  Imagine your creativity is not even included, imagine 1 billion people using their creativity.  If we all nurtured the creativity hidden in our talents, can you imagine what kind of world this would be?

When we do not nurture the creativity that is hidden in our talents, we die and so exist instead of living.

 Dont Die a Copy: Identify Your talents

Our creativity is hidden in our talents.  However, many of us do not know how to identify our talents. This is why I have listed 15 questions that will help you have a clear understanding of what your talent is.  You see if you don’t identify your talents you could die a copy and we do not want that.

This is an exercise that could take more than an hour so you should do it in a quiet environment with a pen and paper so that you write whatever answers come to your mind without editing or interfering with the flow of thoughts. Write everything down, that is why you do not need disturbance.

Later on after sleeping on it, you will go back to your notes and start thinking through what you wrote and am sure if you were true and honest when answering the questions, you will surely know what your talent is.

Analyse what you have come up with and you can even share your findings with friends who will help you identify your strengths. In your strengths lies your talent, what comes naturally to you. This exercise is so important if you want to achieve your life purpose before you die.

Questions to ask yourself to Identify Your Talent.

1)      What brings you peace and joy when doing it?

2)      What do you find easy to do.  Whatever jumpstarts your creative juices is something you find really easy and fun, you can make a career out of anything you are passionate about.

3)      What sparks your creativity?  Think of an area where you come up with new ideas for improvement with ease.  Whatever makes your creative is probably something that you are very passionate about.

4)      What would you do for free?  Ruled by the almighty dollar.

5)      What do you like to talk about?

6)      What makes you unafraid of failure?

7)      What would you regret not having tried? Sitting on your rock chair at age 60 years.

8)      What are you good at? Skills, talent, in which are have you shown some kind of aptitude? Writer, speaker, drawing, organizing, builder, teacher.  God at ideas, connecting people, selling.

9)      What excited you?

10)  What do you read about? What do you spend hours reading online, what magazines you look forward to reading, and what section of the bookstore you peruse?

11)  What have you secretly dreamed of? A novelist, artist, a designer, architect, a doctor, entrepreneur.  Some fear some self doubt has held you back have led you to dismiss this idea.

12)  If you are told you have only 6 months to live what would you do.

13)  If you were told that finances would not be an issue, what would you do? Would you continue doing what you are still doing?

14)  What do you love doing?

15)  What is it that you do that you do not even notice time moving or that its lunch time.

Dont die a Copy: Your Life Purpose

Your talent was the sign to your life purpose.  So it is not for you to keep. It is for you to nurture it, invest in improving it and making it better because if you don’t you will die a copy.  You see as long as you follow the industrialisation route you are just being a copy.  There is no originality in you. You will die and we will forget you.

The process that will make you not die before you fulfil your purpose is first, nurturing your talent or investing on it is so that you may turn the talent into a skill. Once you have made a skill from your talent, the next thing is to think of how you can serve humanity with your skill.  It is in serving that you will get jobs and get noticed because of your excellence and the whole world will be hearing and paying you for your talent. It is easier to make it today than ever before because of the internet. Use the internet as a resource to fine tune your talent to a skill.

If your talent is good enough, if you have spent enough hours nurturing your talent into a skill then the world will buy you when you are still based in your village wherever your village is. The internet is the secret everybody has been looking for. Your purpose is to serve humanity with what you have.  You will be surprised at the opportunities that will start coming forth. Before you invested in your talent you would never have met with such opportunities.

I love the times we are living in today.  They are amazing. You die physically but you don’t quite die. You remain with us for eternity.  The work you were doing continues. The people you live behind use your material to continue making differences in peoples lives. I love Jim Rohn.  Infact I came to hear of Jim Rohn after his death. I thought what a waste, now I will not benefit from him now that he is gone. Shock on me.

One day I decided to google Jim Rohn and I was shocked by what I saw. A fully functional wonderful website that I could learn from. He is physically gone but he lives on. That is what your creativity does for you. It creates a Legacy for you even after you die.

You need to start being creative because if you don’t you will die a copy for sure. A copy does not add value to the human race. You see they just are repeating what has been done in the past.  They are just regurgitating old systems whilst they could be creating new systems.

Myles Munroe says in one of his books that the richest corner of the universe is the cemetery. Why? Because in it lies ideas never developed, movies never produced, machines never manufacture, plays never written, i mean every human creation lies in there never worked on.

I read another writer say that on your funeral can you imagine all your talents crying to you and asking you why you never allowed them to live, to become alive.  Why did you deny them the opportunity to bless humanity? What would you say, what would you feel when your talents cry out to you at your funeral?

Dont Die a Copy: Parents Role

Now, the interesting thing is that Parents have a wonderful opportunity to watch their children. Help identify the talent of your child quite early and nurture it so that it becomes a skill. I know my child’s talent is writing and I have always known but it is only at age 16 years that I am starting to develop it into a skill.  Don’t wait that late like myself.

I met a lady who started playing golf when she was little with her father. She enjoyed it.  Whatever you start doing when you are little you definitely get to like it, I guess because you become better and better at it as you grow older and everybody enjoys what they like. So this young girl went through the school system and guess what?

When it was time to go to University, she got a full scholarship because of her talent golf. In return she played golf for a particular club. There are alot of scholarships out there for different talents.  The benefits of nurturing your child’s talent quite early are very impressive. What you introduce a child quite early can develop into a skill and look like it is their talent but is not necessarily so. This is why Parents we must watch our children with a keen eye to find out what their talent is.

Who are the richest people you know in the world? Am sure the people that come to mind are not scholars, lawyers or engineers but people who have followed their talents, their passions. You see your talent and passion is tied to the creative nature in you.

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