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Do the Wealthy have Free TIme

Do the Wealthy have Free TIme

Do the Wealthy have Free TIme”As he thinketh in his heart so is he”Free Time is the time that you spend away from any work, business of school if you are a student. Therefore, it the time that you have nothing to do related to the compulsory activities. What do you choose to do when you are free of your work or anything that you are obliged do?

free timeFree Time is regarded by some people as time for idle people or those who like to waste time. These individuals do not want to spend a minute relaxing or doing something that does not bring income or future financial benefits such as education.

The only time they have to relax is at night when retiring to bed. These people will continually say that time is money therefore, time wasted is never recovered. But the question is, does taking a break off to relax, play darts or do other things means you are idling?

The answer is a big No. Free Time is important in a daily life of a person because it enables you to rest from the routine job. Free Time refreshes your mind and you can do the same job better than when you are tired. It is said that work without play makes jack a dull boy.

Therefore, if you continuously work without resting, you will perform poorly and become less productive, but if you take some of the time to relax, afterwards you will very productive.  Therefore, Free Time can be used positively as time to relax and rejuvenate so that you are enabled to be very productive.

Free Time is the leisure time as defined in economics and this is the moment that you break from the norm that is work or education. Many people desire this moment in their life because they relax their mind and try to forget the daily stress or relieve their seriousness. However, there are others who don’t know what to do with their Free Time because they are either workaholic of book warmers in education. So what do you do at your Free Time?

Some people would like to play a game, others will prefer watching the game. Young people would prefer to travel around, watch movies and go swimming as other many people do what they love most. Generally, Free Time exists so that you can do your hobbies. However, you should know not all activities do not generate money because if your hobby is farming, but you are a teacher by profession, then in your Free Time you can grow crops for domestic use and for sell. Therefore, determine how Free Time affects your life.

Determine what to do in your Free Time in Advance

Free Time can be boring mostly if it is long and you usually don’t have something useful you can do. You may find yourself in the house just sleeping not knowing what to do. Here are some things that most people do with their Free Time to avoid boredom.

Write a list of your hobbies or things you wish you could do when free and chose the one you can do and do it

Learn to use computer because they are many benefits that come with that including getting a job.

Join social websites such as face book where you can chat with friends.

Listen to your favorite songs

Take a bath to relax

Take a walk it will relax your mind

Join clubs such as football clubs they will make you committed at your Free Time

What do the Wealthy do with their Free Time?

First and foremost ,the wealth have a whole different way of thinking about time. Most people pass their free time away.  We waste time. We let others steal our time.  To the wealthy time is the most valuable asset in their possession. However, many people think money is the most valuable thing.

The wealthy believe you can get more money but you can never get more time. To the wealthy time is an irreplaceable resource.  It is the only limited resource. You can replace money or possessions lost but not time.

Yet most people  go through life allowing people to steal our time. We do things in our own lives that waste our time.

The wealthy are very cautious with how they spend their most important resource. Even their free time they do not normally sit down and chat away. No!

The wealthy don’t waste their free time listening to mindless radio in their cars.  Instead they say, “ That’s an hour a day, five hours a week, twenty five hours a month, 300 hours a year, 15000 hours in a lifetime ( equivalent to 24 hours a day for two years straight) that I should spend listening to tapes and CD’s that are getting them the wisdom that gets them thinking differently, which then gets them producing differently in their lives that the rest of us.

Donald Trump reads two books per week and he has got billions of dollars. He still feels he needs more information and knowledge. Free time is time we should use to grow inwardly.  Sleep makes a baby grow, what makes you grow inwardly?

We think that self help books are a last resort to fixing the problem.  The wealthy see them as the start to not having a problem.

I normally tell my daughter that we all have 24 hours and the difference between the rich and the poor is what we do with our time. The wealthy plan their time well in advance. They know what they will be doing at each moment.  Is that the case with you? Are you in control of how you spend your free time?

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