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Get Out Danger of Comfort Zone

Get Out Danger of Comfort Zone

Comfort zoneis reaching a point in your life where you feel comfortable . It is reaching where you feel you are set for life. You are married to a beautiful spouse, you have the number of children you both planned and you both have secure jobs, retirement kind of jobs.

You have a house on mortgage and when you look at how many years you have left before retirement you feel comfortable. What this means is that your marriage, family life and career are routine.  Routine can also be referred to as boring.

When you read success literature, one thing you are advised to guard against is being in a comfort zone. You are reprimanded to leave the comfort zone at every turn.Change and the Comfort Zone?

Comfort Zone

You see success is only possible if you are growing, if you are doing something new.  I read that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing all the time but expecting different results.  You see when you are in the comfort zone you will continue to do things the same old way you have known

The comfort zone makes you resistant to change.  You do not grow when you are on the comfort zone. So what results will you get? The ones you got yesterday though you can clearly see you need different results but are not doing anything new.As long as you are in the comfort zone you are resistant to learning so you cannot experience the new things in life.

I was watching a movie of a brilliant handicapped sales man who did his reports on a type writer but time came and there were computers and his assistant told him about computers, even brought him a catalogue but he would not hear anything of it. So he continued using the typewriter. The typewriter was his comfort zone. The same old way of doing things. What happened because of his being resistance to change when his company adopted computers in all departments?  He was laid off. That is what comfort zones do to you, they limit and sabotage you.

There is one thing I do not like in life.  Anything that limits me, we are not friends. Do you know why most of our lives are boring and uninteresting is because we adore our comfort zones. We fear change. We limit ourselves with our limiting beliefs.

Make a different choice today. Do things differently in every aspect of your life, try something new and you will see different results in your life.  I was listening to Manu Chandaria on television and he is 83 and still working, he continues to do his charity work.  He goes to the slums and he is happy meeting and working with the poor.  Please note that is not his core business.

But one thing he said that caught my eye is that as long as you are sitted with your hands tied together doing nothing, nothing will happen.  If you want anything to happen you must go out there and do something.  And I t thought ‘ wow, this is how we limit ourselves, we do not do anything new with our lives.

I was the kind of person who would go to work and go back straight home after work.  I do not love detours at all.  That was my comfort zone. Result’s – I had no social life and I complained of being single.  Do you see what the definition of Insanity practically means? I was doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results.  When I got off my comfort zone, my social life changed.The Practical side of the Comfort Zone?

I used to work in bank for a couple of years and I studied employees and the organisation and my place in that organisation.  When I joined the Bank I had a vision of myself and where I wanted to go with my life. I believed that working in the bank would help me on my path and it did whilst I was there.  But one day there was a reshuffle and I realised the bank was not going to take me where I wanted to go.

I believed in myself and I could see the years were passing me by and the energy I had in my twenties is not what I had, I made the decision to leave and use my time and energy doing my own thing.  Working in the bank was a brilliant comfort zone- I had a definite salary at the end of the month, I had very good benefits but I looked at the larger picture.  Infact 18 months after leaving my mum still does not understand why I left the bank.

Where would I be at age 65 if I continued in my comfort zone? I can tell you.  At 65, I would be on a rocking chair regretting all the opportunities that I had lost when I was younger.   You cannot start laying the foundation of anything long term at age 65.  Consequently my life purpose would not have been achieved.

And I would join the statistics that make Myles Munroe say that the cemetery is the richest corner in the world because therein lay millions of movies not written, millions of books unwritten, millions of ideas never given an opportunity, many dreams unfulfilled lie in the cemetery and I definitely do not want to contribute to making the cemetery the richest corner of the world.  I once read somewhere that on death, your talents and potential will cry to you and ask you “why did you not let us be? Why did you not nurture us? We would have made you rich”.  Can you imagine that?

I think I have made it clear in no uncertain terms that if you want to leave your mark, if you want to be all that you were created to be,  if you desire to be a success you must get yourself out of your comfort zone and do something different, something new. Being in the comfort zone only stagnates your growth  and anything that does that should be kicked hard out of your life.

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