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How Kenya and Poverty Can Cease to be Synoymous

How Kenya and Poverty Can Cease to be Synoymous

Kenyans are a bright, ambitious people and want to build a brighter Kenya for our future generations to enjoy. As a result we have come up with Vision 2030 which is Kenya’s blueprint of its future and it is a visionary and beautiful picture. However, there are factors that if not addressed by the Kenyan people, Kenya and Poverty will always be synonymous.  Know Thyself

Kenya and poverty

We do not know who we are. We think we are our material goods, our names, our academic qualifications, our titles etc. Bottom line we think we are a physical being. So we work for the body. The more money you get the better car, house, school for your children you get. Whatever you do, you do to satisfy the physical part of you. You fail to realize that you are not just a body but you are also mind and spirit.

Infact your mind and spirit determine what your body does. Your body is a slave of the activity of your mind and spirit. If you fathomed this fact, you would be careful how you nourished your mind and spirit. Just as your body needs to be fed daily, so does your mind and spirit. Actually whether you consciously feed them or not, you do feed them. We all think but our thoughts vary.

There are basic thoughts – based on what you see and feel at the periphery and accepts things as they are and there are complex thoughts – thinking at a deeper level. The one that asks questions. The one that thinks there must be more than what we are made to believe, the one that thinks there must be a better way to do things. It is this latter thinking that develops a person, a nation, a people.

Start having regard for your inner self which is the mind, emotions and spirit and invest in this part of you and you will amazed at the kind of person you become outwardly because your inward person has changed.A Victims Mentality

Majority of Kenyans lead default lives and that is why Kenya and Poverty are related. As a result we feel we are victims of society, economy, politics, our upbringing, our historical injustices, our education, anything negative determines who we are, who we are becoming and what we do. We do not seem to realize that we have a part to play in how our lives turn out so we just accept mediocre lives that depress us and we think that is our lot. So we go to church more, pray more and fast more but nothing seems to change because we are the same yesterday, today and forever.

We forget the above statement was only meant for God because he is Holy but we humans cannot afford to lead default lives unless ofcourse we are content with where we are. Until a Kenyan refuses to follow the default life, your life will be the same tomorrow and you do not have to pray unless for protection. Because you had a D- in KCSE or that you are from a poor family or you are disabled or the economy is red or you are from a particular tribe does not mean you lead that kind of life.

Get annoyed and decide to take 100% responsibility of how your life is. And make a decision to lead a better life and commit yourself to do whatever it takes you to get where you want. The way your life is, is not determined by any outside factor but by you. You are the one who determines what to think. What you think determines your actions.Thoughts become things

We do not invest in developing our minds. Our minds are the source of new ideas and if one does not have new ideas coming through their mind, they will lead a substandard life . Yesterdays thinking is guiding our today so our today will be like yesterday. What a sad affair. Only those who exert their minds to think differently and question conventional ways of doing things are creative. In the 21st Century, those who are not creative and innovative will die. This includes countries that are bent on not being creative and innovative in the 21st Century, they too must die.

Let us seek to renew the activity going on between our ears by involving our mind to new ways of thinking, reasoning, looking at life by reading books, internet, joining groups with a purpose and even watching movies actively not for entertainment but to learn something new. Always have the attitude of learning at all times and you will be surprised.

Even the most intelligent human being on earth knows very little that there is to know and so they too must seek to learn everyday. Seek to learn something new every day. That is the secret to growing your mind – Learning. As you learn, you grow, as you grow poverty cannot have any place in your life and Kenya and poverty too starts to dimish.Laws of The Universe

We forget that this world is governed by Laws that were created during creation. One of this Laws is that of sowing and reaping. Whatever we do to another must come to us in one way or another more often than not in double portion. We have believed the world lie that we are different from each other and that we are not connected and so we treat each other badly on the streets, on the roads.

We behave like an angry people. This is because we seem not to know or conveniently forget that whatever you do to another, you are actually doing it to yourself. There is no you and me. There is just you. That is why the golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated. If you just followed this simple rule, life would be so much better.

Cause and Effect is another Law. It states that whatever is happening has been caused by something. Until you find out what the cause is and deal with the cause, then any other treatment will only treat the symptoms. This is not just about sickness but also your life. You must find the root cause of what is ailing you, your children, family, finances etc. We have to learn to work with these causes in our lives so that the results in our lives are fruitful ones. The root cause of the relationship between Kenya and Poverty is not poverty of resources but one of Mental poverty.Religion versus Spirituality

We choose to be religious instead of Spiritual. The two bring about different results in one’s life. Religion only takes care of the outward appearances whilst the spiritual aspect takes care of the inward person. This then means a religious person can afford to be nasty, rude, unforgiving even though they are a staunch in their religion.

A Spiritual person can sometimes not behave very well but will soon realize the errors of their ways and will ask for forgiveness fro mthe person they have wronged. This is because their error will convict of wrong doing but the religious person does not see it that way. In religion you follow clergy, in Spirituality you follow God, he directs your paths not the Pastor. When you have a problem, you seek God, you do not go to see a Pastor or priest.

Religion does not draw one closer to God as do Spirituality. Religion is developing a relationship with God as part of a crowd whilst Spirituality is developing a personal relationship with God. You see, as long as we are religious, our lives remain the same so does our country. As a religious person you cannot know God. This explains why in Kenya we have a large group of population that believes in God but we are still poor yet God is not poor.Selfishness

We are a Selfish people. We think life is all about us and our children. This is reflected in our work ethics, in our politics and it culminates in corruption. This explains also why we have a poor giving culture. It is not in us to give or to share. This is well illustrated when someone comes with a need that you could have sorted and instead you tell them that you will pray for them. Truly the minute that person leaves that door, you do not remember them.

The way we also treat each other on the roads, car users and pedestrians alike. We need to start thinking of others but ofcourse for that to happen we have to discard the concept of dualism in our thinking, that there are two of us. There is only one person – You created by God. As long as you think the other person is different from you, you have bought into the lie of dualism. Whatever you do unto another will come back to you here on earth not in heaven whether you believe it or not because the other person represented YOU

The main reason that most marriages are breaking down in Kenya is not because of lack of communication or sex or finances as we have been made to believe. The root cause is because parties to the marriage are selfish and each person wants their way in the relationship. If we stopped seeing ourselves as the most important person in the relationship and accepting the other as they are and paying attention to what they have to say, I believe relationships and marriages would be restored.

In a nutshell, unless you and I change Kenya and Poverty will always be synonymous. Our collective consciousness is not a very positive one. Collective consciousness means the way a majority of Kenyans think. We need to reach a critical mass (10 Million of Kenyans) that thinks in a positive development conscious way. This can only be done by you and I changing who we are on the inside so that we can embrace new facts about ourselves and life. As you change, divinity sees you as a partner of development that can be trusted and you start getting divine ideas on how to improve things around you.

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