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How To Make Money With Your blog in Kenya

How To Make Money With Your blog in Kenya

Blogging in Kenyan is becoming very fashionable especially amongst the youth. As a result more and more blogs are coming up. However I read an article that many Kenyan bloggers are not making money with their blogs whilst in developed Nations that is not the case. So how do you make money with your blog?

Make Money Blogging in Kenya

Because most bloggers in Kenya do it as a side fun activity. They never  take it as a business. Bloggers who want to make money on their blogs are always learning new ways to improve their material. They spend more than two hours per day on their site. They have a business model that their blog is following.

If you want to make money from your blog, you must know whom you are targeting? You must know the message you want to put through. You must want to know whom you want to attract to your website and so write material that is relevant to them.

5 blogging business models

1)      Landing Speaking engagements – so if this is your desire ensure that your blog has enough information on your area of expertise to prove to your  target market that you qualify for them to hire you as a speaker. Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion uses this option.

2)      Selling your print book through a blog – If you have written a book, you can sell it through your blog by having enough content that your book is the solution to. Kevin Cullis of uses this model.

3)      Selling electronic products through your blog – you can create electronic products such as ebooks.

4)      Affiliate marketing – The good thing with websites and blogs you do not have to create your own products. You can sell other peoples products which is what is called affiliate marketing and you get a small percentage of the sales which is good enough if you do not have any of your own. Zac Johnson has done this successfully.

5)      Selling Training courses and materials – Instead of offering training on your subject area, you can create training materials on dvd’s for people to sell such as many Internet Market entrepreneurs on the Internet.

6)      Consulting –you can use your website to get you consultations on areas of your expertise. One such blogger is Ash Ambirge of the Middle Finger Project

So you must decide which business model you want to follow above. You could intend to follow more than one above but you can only start with one or two as long as they complement each other.

 Making Money on the Internet: Internet Marketing Training Helps

We all are willing to make some extra money on our blogs but are we willing to pay the price of training whether by someone else or self study. Self study can take alot of your time and time is money so I would advise you get someone in the know to train you. Here is Internet marketing in a Nutshell as you need it to make money on your blog.

So you must identify your target group normally referred to as a niche. You must solve the problems of your niche so you must find out what their problems are. You must then provide your niche with relevant content that solves their problems.

You must create enough content on your blog so that you become an authority. You could do this on your own thought  it would take alot of your time but you can also hire.

Purpose of every blog should be to create a community around it normally referred to as traffic. With this kind of following you can be able to do quite alot of business. For any business to thrive you need a customer base. So your community become a customer base. It takes many months to build a loyal customer base but it is worth it.

Traffic – getting as much traffic on your site is key. But traffic on its own cannot make you money on your blog. You have to be selling something that the traffic desire’s to buy which then generates you cash. Teh good thing is that you do not have to sell your own products as described above on affiliate marketing.

If you have enough traffic on your site that you can justify, you can be able to sell advertising space on your website more expensively than if your traffic is low. You can negotiate a higher price due to the high traffic you command.

A Success story

I started my website last year and have not put in so much. I am now at 131 posts – all done by myself. Recently I get calls from daily newspapers asking me my opinions on various subjects that my blog covers. What does that do to me? I am building my brand. Soon they will not be asking who is wamaitha? Wamaitha will be a household name and so could yours.

I recently got a call for a magazine that is launching in December 2012. They want me to be one of their columnist. Why? They like the material on my blog. It has taken me a year of writing to start getting some little recognition. I get more organic traffic from search engines as a result of this hard work so can you. I am in talks with an organisation about putting an advert on my site.

The Secret is that there is not enough information in your area on the internet about Kenya so whatever you write will rank almost immediately and this will attract more traffic and clients to your business.

Soon, I believe if bloggers in Kenya put in the hard work and training necessary, we can start making money on our blogs as long as we keep learning and providing relevant information

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