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How to Multiply Money in Kenya

How to Multiply Money in Kenya

If you are given two bags one with money and one with wisdom. Which one would you take? Ofcourse if you are Kenyan and take the one with wisdom, you need a meddle. I mean most of us Kenyans just think money first. Money or the box? I think we have got it all wrong. To multiply your money you need Wisdom and lucky for you it is all here.

Multiplying money in Kenya

We have been taught how to acquire but not how to protect and multiply our money and so our money never grows and we do not become wealthy. To most of us becoming rich is owning your own home and that is all. The best time to know if one is wealthy is not when has the time and energy to work but when you are a pensioner.

That is when one’s story of their relationship with money comes out clearly without asking any question. How much passive income one has in their pension years will tell the financial decisions one made when they were young. They are able to sustain their lifestyle even in old age.

The book Richest Man of  Babylon by George Clason says that wealth is reserved for those who know its Laws. So what are they?

 The Laws Of Multiplying Your Money

The first law of wealth is Saving. One must save a minimum 10% of their income. Depending on how much you want to increase your wealth and how large you income is, you can raise it to 15% per month. In other words we must cultivate a culture of saving and transfer this to our Children. I know this culture does not come naturally to most Kenyans but it is the first step for all those who desire to grow rich.

The second Law is that you must look for employment for your money. We have bee nurtured to look for employment only for human beings. But once you have been saving for a while you need to multiply your money and the only way to do this is by getting something profitable for it to do.

You are doing well, you have been saving and are now looking for profitable employment for your money. As you do this you must be guided by the principle of protection. You must look for ways that even though your money is working for you, it is protected whilst it is doing so. You have to do extensive research, seek counsel form experts in the field you want to invest in and one expert opinion is not enough. If your money feels protected, it is definitely going to make you rich by multiplying as long as it feels protected.

It will be impossible to multiply your money when you invest it in a business that you are not familiar with. Any business that has not been approved by wise experts will surely disappear. If you invest your money in areas where you have not done sufficient due diligence, it shall surely flee from you.

Money will also flee when you put it into impossible earnings or when you follow the advice of tricksters or con men. Like when you are told your money can be doubled or tripled and the person telling you that has torn shoes so you wonder how comes he has not doubled his own money. Money will also flee when you employ it in areas you are inexperienced or in areas that are unrealistic.

 Benefits of Multiplying your Money

When you protect and multiply your money as illustrated in the above paragraphs, your money will be working for you and creating a passive income for you.

This will place more time in your hands to do what you enjoy. That could be spend more time with your family or play golf or take longer vacations with your family. Whatever it is, it helps you have more than 24 hours a day.

All the wealthy people all over the world have one thing in common. That is they all know how to protect and multiply their money. Seek the advice of such people, they will give you wisdom that you can rely on.

Multiplying your money in Kenya is possible. It just takes a bit more of discipline on your part. However, your desire is what determines the action you will take. How badly do you want to be wealthy.

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