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Is A Relationship Hotline In Kenya Necessary

Is A Relationship Hotline In Kenya Necessary

Everyone is in a relationship because Life is Relationships. Humans are relationship beings and our success is dependant on how well we manage our relationships. Humans are involved in relationships with Partners, Siblings, Colleagues, Children. The 21st Century relationships are unique and are crying for new ways to nurture them such as a Relationship Hotline.

Marriages in Kenya are breaking left, right and centre, families  both nuclear and extended families seem to be under attack yet we are constantly told families are the rock of any society.

This picture is demonstrated even in the dating scenario of the youth – they are moments filled with conflict. I guess that is why the number of Singles both male and female are on the rise. This is a sign we need to look for new ways to solve relationship problems such as a Relationship Hotline.

Women are very good at sharing their relationship issues with each other and so are likely to sail through relationship hardship easier than men however this method has been proved to be unsafe or unsecure as women love to share and you will hear your private Life from an unsuspected source.

In the olden days there were no phones or social media so people sought advice from those around their communities. However, today with the widespread of technology we find that our cultural relations are diverse and we do not seek advice from our close relatives of friends anymore but even from people we do not know on social media or on the internet. This could be because our social interactions are different and we are more alone than ever before.

As the world develops and becomes more complicated, human relations face a new strain that makes it develop into something that we have no experience dealing with. So we find ourselves seeking  advice, help and comfort from new sources supported by technology such as our cell phones,  on social media or a websites that deal with your particular problem hence a Relationship Hotline in Kenya.

Whatever your source of help is we are now providing you with a relationship hotline in Kenya whereby you can talk about your relationship on a safe and secure avenue to share your relationship problems without fear of your story being shared with another through our relationship hotline 0704 – 074714.How It Works

You call our relationship hotline 0704-074714 and one of our caring personnel well trained in customer care and who understands the various stages of relationship development will listen to your story. They will ask you a few questions as you narrate your story with a view to understand your story clearly. Once they have understood your story they will ask you “what do you want in the relationship?”.
The reason we ask this question is because our desire is to help you achieve your relationship goal. The past can only be healed by the action you take in the future so our focus is on your ability to related in the future. The future is where your goals and vision for the relationship lie. This is what will determine the action you can take as a person to improve your life. Your answer will guide the Counselor on how to move forward and advice you.

Our advice is therefore not just for now but we look ahead of your life and anticipate what could be of course guided by your responses.

If you feel after the telephone session that you need to meet someone, you can request for the same  and an appointment will be arranged.

Sometimes one does not even need advice, you only need someone to listen to what you have to say without judging and we provide that too on the relationship hotline.Advantages of a relationship Hotline in Kenya

Attentive and Caring Ear to listen to so you will receive person centered Counseling and Coaching.

Privacy – whatever you share will never be shared to another person that you know

Secrecy – Your identity is secret. The Counselor does not know you nor do you know the Counselor so whatever you discuss is kept secret within our walls

Confidentiality – Whatever you share will not be shared to another soul.

When in the Pot, one can only see things as far as the walls of the Pot. However, someone who is not in the Pot with you can give you a different perspective to the situation at hand. They can shed light on what to you looks like darkness. The relationship hotline will give you new eyes to look at your situation differently and we will help you come up with new ways to best deal with your relationship situation.

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