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Kenya’s Biggest Problem: Its own People

Kenya’s Biggest Problem: Its own People

If you are Kenyan and reading this article do not be perturbed but the truth be told we Kenyan people are Kenya’s biggest problem. We are good at blaming the weather for food shortage, our leaders for corruption and the economy for our financial handicaps and much more. We are geniuses in looking outside of ourselves for the cause and solution of our own problems and that is why we are Kenya’s biggest problem.

Kenya’s Biggest Problem

I am Kenyan and I would not want to be any other Nationality and I believe in the first investment principle outlined in my article The First Investment Everybody needs to make.

We are an intelligent people, enterprising and industrious, hard working and friendly people. We are a people that can move mountains and we are a religious lot. It is due for this reason that we are a good case study to prove that attitude is better than intelligence and emotional intelligence (EQ) is better than intelligence quotient (IQ) because our intelligence does not translate to great results hence Kenya’s people are Kenya’s biggest problem.

Though we are a very intelligent people and very industrious that is not sufficient for us to be successful and every Kenyan desires to be a success. In addition to our intelligence which is tangible we need other intangible characteristics such as emotional intelligence and attitude.

Consequences of Kenya’s biggest Problem

Kenya’s Political Leaders are a thorn in the flesh to most Kenyan’s. We do not like them because before we elect them to office they promise us goodies but on assuming office they do not deliver and as a result of their non deliverance we lead pathetic lives. As if that is not enough, when their time is up in Parliament they want to give themselves a go away package of kshs 9 Million each, that totals Kshs 1,890,000,000 ( Kshs 1.89 billion = $ 22,235,294). Do you know how many Kenyans would be fed for a lifetime by that kind of money? So who is Kenya’s biggest problem?

The problem here is that the politicians are not the problem but the electorate is. As I write this article Kenyan politicians are all over the place campaigning and Kenyans are attending their rallies in great numbers to listen to empty promises because we are due to have elections in the next 5 months. Yet we the electorate do not even see that it is us who contribute to our leaders being the way they are. Our political leaders are a reflection of who we are.

What? How? First we elect them. It is us who go to queue for hours so that we can vote in a leader who represents our tribal interests. Tribal interests have never fed anyone in the world so that Kenyan’s will be the first. No wonder we face food insecurity every now and then. We should elect leaders based on manifestos not tribal or personal lines. As long as we continue to do this we will continue to be Kenya’s biggest problem. It is us the people of Kenya that hamper our development. When we elect selfish leaders on tribal lines what miracle are we expecting. That is why my good friend Mutahi Ngunyi says “ we need to stop praying and start acting”.

We are like the naughty Children of today who they mistakes in school and when the Parents are called in by the school administration they have the audacity to tell you to be on their side. They do not want to suffer the consequences of  their mistakes or actions. They need someone in authority ( in our case God) to intervene when we put ourselves into alot of problems by electing on grounds that do not yield fruit like tribe.

A manifesto is a document that details what a politician is going to do for us the people. It is his curriculum vitae to us. Did you know a politician is your employee? So how come you give him the job without ever looking into his credentials, his curriculum vitae, without interviewing him. Would you employ anybody in your business or in your home without an interview? Without knowing their value system?

What makes matters worse is that your employee, the politician, does things that are so wrong and messing the country and you start lobbying in his favour because he is from your tribe. I am so proud to be Kenyan because Kenyans are bright and the whole world knows it but when a people start defending their leader who is corrupt based purely on tribal lines, I want to cry.

How can such a developed Nation like Kenya which is supposed to show the rest of Africa the way to Prosperity, think along tribal lines? When your employee in your business or home steals do you keep them because they are from your tribe? I don’t think so, you sack them in the middle of the night. So how comes we allow our politicians to get away with it? Because we are Kenya’s biggest problem.

The reason we allow our Politicians to get away with it and we do not voice our concerns yet most of us are good people is because we are not confident enough in ourselves and so we continue to be Kenya’s biggest problem. We have also allowed ourselves to be duped by Capitalism so that so many of us are materialistic just like our politicians. We do not care what the other person is doing as long as I am making my little shillings.

Let me put it to you that if things were done in the right manner you would make more money than you are actually making now. When you allow things to go wrong in our country by not voicing it by whatever means necessary or available to you, you are preventing yourself and children and children’s children from having a better lifestyle so you are working in vain. As you work hard to make it, there are others working hard to ensure everything you worked does not yield fruit.

So my fellow Kenyans as we prepare ourselves to go the polls next year remember your vote is your stamp that employs the right candidate or not.

The truth you might vote in the right candidate but when he gets there and his constituents are not holding him accountable, it is only human to feel ‘It is my turn to eat’ and my constituents won’t find out anyway. And even if they did know, I will buy them out. Do you see how we the people of Kenya are Kenya’s biggest problem?

So what is Kenya’s biggest problem to do?

Constitution allows you to bring down your politician. But then again if you are Kenya’s  biggest problem you will not enforce the Law so you will allow your minister to continue looting your counties resources. Do you want your county to be the least developed because you did not say or do anything yet it was in your constitutional power to do so.

Just yesterday (01/11/2012) President Kibaki ushered in the new Traffic Act that has great penalties for those who will disobey traffic rules but the biggest issue is will the people of Kenya enforce it? Law without enforcement is useless. If the drivers and Pedestrians of Kenya do not enforce that Law then again we continue to hold Kenya;s development back.

After Kenya unanimously voted Moi out in 2002, we had a new Government that was meant to build a beautiful Kenya. The New Government was able to bring in some developments here and there and Kenya was somewhat a better place than we had before or so we thought. The lesson we learnt or should have learnt is that you can develop – build excellent infrastructure etc but if you do not invest in the people of a country, they can destroy all your developments in a day.

Until Kenyans realize the power in them as citizen’s and enforce the Constitution of Kenya, we shall continue to be Kenya’s biggest problem. but there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

 Kenya’s biggest problem: the Solution

We have to really look deep into ourselves and do what Bishop Nding Mwana wa Nzeki once said – that the change we need in Kenya is to change our hearts. What he meant is that Kenya’s biggest problem needs to change inwardly .The change Kenya needs is not on the outside but from the inside of its people. The change Kenya needs is not from the top down but down up. IF we the people of Kenya change so will our leadership, so will our driving, so will our police men and women, so will our Land registries so will the whole of Kenya.

The first change we need in Kenya is you. Mahatma Gandhi said that become the change you want to see. I know it is not easy but you can do it and I can do it and the more of us do it. The better Kenya will be.

We have to engage ourselves in personal development or growth. Inward growth. Our inward self is made up of our mind, emotions and spirit. We must cultivate this part of us that we do not see with our eyes. Where do you start, I hear you ask? Start by reading this website every day. Why? So that you may start seeing things differently.

You see the Kenya biggest problem needs a paradigm shift. We need to start thinking differently so that we can act differently. We need to invest allot of our time and money on knowing who we are, the power within us and how to tap into that power.

This Kenya is ours. If it goes down you and your offspring go down. I know no Kenyan wants that. We are a peace loving people. So why do we not want to pay the price of being the kind of citizen that builds a strong Nation that is an example to many? Why do you not want to invest in the inward change of Kenya’s biggest problem of whom you and I are one?

The time has come when we do not look to the Government or to World Bank or to God but into ourselves and ask ourselves why am I contributing to being Kenya’s biggest problem and what can I do. Remember what you do is determined by the abundance of your inward being. So empower your inward being. Know who you are and the power within you and how to tap into that power.

If you feel you need more help for yourself or organisation or group do not hesitate to call us? We consult on personal development matters and your success is my children’s success because I know Kenya will be a better place tomorrow as the number of Kenya’s biggest problem will have greatly reduced when we take it upon ourselves to Change. The Change we believe in is the slogan that voted in the first Black American President to power so let us believe in the change Kenya needs.

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