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Land The Best Investment in Kenya

Land The Best Investment in Kenya

Kenya is a developing country with alot of potential in it. Foreign investors are always looking for ways and means to invest in our country and I always wonder, ‘are there enough Kenyans investing in our own country by partaking of its greatness. Do Kenyans know what they should invest in? If not, the best investment in Kenya is Land.

It appreciates in value at 100% per annum.

Land in Kenya appreciates at 100% per year and you can get Land for as little as kshs 300,000 ($3000 dollars). Ofcourse the cheaper the Land, the further away it is from development. However, it will still appreciate at 100% per annum. This then means that if you buy Land at Kshs 300,000 Shillings today, and you do nothing else on it, in 2016 you can sell it for Kshs 1,000,000. I do not know any other risk free way to multiply your money.

a)      It is high in demand.

Everybody wants to own a piece of Kenya and so selling Land is not difficult. Infact there are people whose sole business is to buy and sell land. Land is in high demand and so disposing it when the time comes is not difficult.

My advice is that It is difficult to sell a developed piece of Land than Land that is not developed. So be very careful when making the decision to develop on the best investment in Kenya.

b)      Increases Your Net wroth

The purpose of any investment is to increase your net worth, that is, increase your assets and decrease your liabilities. There is no better way to increase your net worth than to own the best investment in Kenya. It appreciates in value every year even without you spending a coin to develop it. Even if you had borrowed to buy it, once you have paid the loan, the investment will be much more than you bought it. This is an investment that makes you a property owner immediately. You can now borrow against it and increase your real estate portfolio.

I cannot imagine a better risk free way to multiply your money. What better way to create wealth (money working for you) than owning a piece of Kenya for business.

 Challenges: Investing in the best Investment in Kenya

Not Enough money 

Most Kenyans feel that they do not have enough of money to buy Land. There are pieces of Land that can be bought at Kshs 150,000 per acre. ( I bought one in Kitengela – 8 Kilometres from the main town in 2008. Today, only 5 years on, the same piece of property is more than kshs 1,000,000). My point is if you do not have alot of money, look for Land in the interior. It will be cheaper because there is no much development, Government will not even put alot of restrictions on it. Kshs 150,000 might still be alot of money an individual to raise so join an investment group.

 Double selling

There are people who discovered that Land is the best investment in Kenya long time ago. Some of these people have therefore come up with means and ways to cheat innocent buyers as well illustrated by the Syokimau Estate demolitions in 2012. In this saga even Government officials were involved in the land grabbing scandal. Other people will sell the same piece of Land twice.

Therefore Whilst Land is a great investment be warned that there are alot of crooks posing as Land owners, brokers and so forth so you need to work with people of character and who are very conversant with matters concerning Real Estate to avoid being disappointed.

 Changes in Land Policy and Law 

Land has been one major area of contention in Kenya. Infact it is the main reasons most communities fight. As a result following the Post Elections violence of 2008, The Government decided to look into the Land issues. It came up with a new Land policy that culminated to New Land Laws in 2012. In other words there are very many changes coming up in the Ministry of Land that could affect Land ownership. It is for this reason that when intending to invest in the best investment in Kenya, that you work with a Real Estate Lawyer who understands matters pertaining to Land.

 Political Developments in Kenya

Recently we had elections in Kenya. For the first time we voted for County Governments. This then means that this Governments have their own budgets and the first quota of those budgets have already been disbursed. This then means that if Land appreciated at 100% during the National  Government dispensation, how about in the new dispensation? Chances are County Governments  will bring more developments than the National government and so it goes without saying that Land is likely to appreciate at 150% or more per year. After all it is development that determines the value of a property.

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