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25 Nov
wealth creation kenya

Wisdom Christian Education in Kenya

Christian Education begun with Jesus Christ and gained momentum when he commanded his disciples to go and preach to the whole world about the true word. The Christian teaching helps us live as God commands. That is the reason we need Christian Education so that we can inherit the kingdom of heaven.Christian Education is provided […]

25 Nov
quail eggs for breakfast kenya

Why Quail Eggs For Breakfast In Kenya

The Chicken egg is a common ingredient on the breakfast table in Kenya. However, there is a new trend in the 21st Century with the middle class becoming more and more health conscious towards the quail egg for breakfast in Kenya. Why the shift? The Quail egg is a third of that of the chicken […]

24 Nov
marriage counselor kenya

Why Middle Class Marriages Fail: 10 Reasons Why

Middle class couples have beautiful weddings that are worth being televised. They spend alot of time and money planning a memorable wedding. However, a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage are two different things. Most middle class couples do not seem to realize that just it took alot of time and energy to have a […]

24 Nov
problems in life

Why Do We Face Problems in Life?

There is nobody under the sun that does not go through problems even the very rich have theirs infact it is said if you were given a rich mans problems you would say ‘No thank you very much. I am fine’. Problems in Life I am going through a face in my life that I […]

24 Nov
married man doesn't call

What To Do WHen A Married Man Does Not Call

In my article Dating a Married Man: 6 Reasons Why you should not, I give good reasons why a lady should not get involved with a married man. But should you find yourself in such a situation, what to do when a married man does not call? married man don’t call Try to understand him […]