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To Know God in Kenya

To Know God personally is something most Christians believe that is a practise of the past and belongs only to the Old Testament.  Knowing God means having a deep relationship with God, the creator of heaven and earth, as you would with your best friend.  It means that you know what is Gods will most […]

Victorious Step Parenting in Kenya

The number of Step Parents in Kenya is rising in the last one decade. The reasons for this  increase is due to a number of factors namely increase in divorce rates and adoption of Children amongst others.  Historically speaking as illustrated by the Cinderella story, step Parents and step children normally do not have an […]

The Gift of a Tribe in Kenya

Did you know that Kenya is one of most tribalist countries in the world.  That means we value our tribe more than everything else that we are. Does that surprise you considering we are one of the most modern and civilised countries in sub-sahara Africa.  I think we need to be educated on the tribe. […]

22 Nov
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The Older Woman Younger Men Relationships in Kenya

Older women, younger men relationships are becoming a common phenomena in Kenya so much so that it was the subject of discussion in a local morning show today.  The woman in this kind of relationship is normally referred to as the Cougar. What I wonder is why there is no name for the younger man. […]

The Kikuyu Woman phenomena

Kenya is made up of 42 tribes and one of the said communities is the Kikuyu.  The woman from this community, normally referred to as the Kikuyu woman,  is peculiar than her fellow sisters and she is the solution to her own problems. Kikuyu Woman The Kikuyu woman is from the Kikuyu community found in […]