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Personal Success Training For Corporations in Kenya

Personal Success Training For Corporations in Kenya

Personal Success Training For Corporations in Kenya”As he thinketh in his heart so is he”

Earl Knightingale describes personal success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Now research has proved that people who have goals for their lives do much better than people without and the truth is that most of us do not have goals for our lives, we just take life as it comes and so can be described as victims of circumstances

To obtain Personal success you must take 100% responsibility over your life. That means that you do not blame anything outside of yourself for your current life. How many do that? Few. Are you one of them?

To take 100% responsibility of your life does not come naturally. It is a decision one makes. One has to go through some kind of transformation to reach this point. Why? Because form birth we have been conditioned to be competitive, to look outside of ourselves for everything from causes to solutions of our problems. So one to change you need what Stephen Harvey calls a paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is a change in the way you think. It is you changing the way you perceive things. In any case if you want to change anything in your life, the first thing to change is your thinking. It is written you cannot change a problem with the same thinking that led you into it.

Changing your thinking can be an uphill task if you have no previous training and that is why we recommend that you consider a personal success trainer such as myself for personal success training or start reading self improvement books or join groups with similar interests.

 Personal Success Training for Corporation

When I worked in a large Bank we had a department called Business Change Management (BCM). One of its jobs was to find out the changes that needed to be implemented in the Bank for maximum efficiency and also to advice the Bank Board of the changes that are happening in the country and globally so that the bank could position itself in the market place.

The point here is that Change is one thing that is definite in an individuals life but also in a Corporation’s. For success to happen there must be change.

A Corporation is not the building but the people that work for it. So as an organisation plans for the changes and consequently for it’s success it needs to train its employees so that they embrace the success and change hence personal success training recommended here.

Each Corporation has a training budget every year because employees need to be empowered. I remember for me to get an excellent in my performance appraisal at the end of the year, I must have attended a 5 days of training in a year. That is how important training of employees is important to a corporation.

That being the case, how many employees are transformed by the trainings that they attend? Do the employees remember the content of trainings they attend. I remember hearing one CEO of a middle sized Company say that he does not see the need of training employees because they do not seem to implement what they are trained on.

I remember another CEO said that an individuals thinking capacity determines how much of a training transforms them or not. One’s thinking capacity is not determined by how many degrees one has in his pocket. No. It is determined in how much you have invested in your personal growth and self improvement of mind, emotion and spirit. It depends on whether you have attended a personal success training for corporations or not.

This is why I recommend Personal training for Corporations for their employees so that they are individually empowered.

 Benefits Of Personal Success Training

Les Brown ( motivational Speaker) says that one should invest in developing their mind. He is a good testimony of the benefits of developing your mind. He had minimal education but because he believed in developing his mind and personal development and self improvement skills, he has gone places that few educated people will never go. That is the magic of personal success training for corporations.

Corporate all have strategic meetings. This meetings are attended by the Senior Management of the  Company including the Directors. The purpose of the meeting is so that the Senior Management is made to understand what is expected of them and departments in achieving the Corporate larger strategy. They then take it down to the other employees and it is from this main plan that employees get their targets for each year.

This is where each department knows what is expected from it by the Management. Whilst the  Corporate may practise performance appraisal which should obviously motivate most employees to perform. I put to you that your employees would perform better if you employed personal success training for corporations as part of your strategy.

This would make them see how the corporate success relates to theirs. Most employees, unless they have attended personal success training, think they are just labouring to make the Corporation rich and prosperous whilst they will one day be left out in the cold. So if the employee knew that their personal success is part of your Corporate strategy, then they would put their best forward to ensure the Company strategy is achieved even exceeded.

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