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Why Quail Eggs For Breakfast In Kenya

25 Nov
quail eggs for breakfast kenya

Why Quail Eggs For Breakfast In Kenya

The Chicken egg is a common ingredient on the breakfast table in Kenya. However, there is a new trend in the 21st Century with the middle class becoming more and more health conscious towards the quail egg for breakfast in Kenya. Why the shift?

The Quail egg is a third of that of the chicken egg in terms of size. It is dotted with brown speckles on its shell.

The Quail egg contains 13% protein whilst the Chicken egg contains 11%. The Quail egg contains 140% Vitamin B1 compared to 50% of the chicken egg. Research also shows that it contains 5 times more iron and potassium than the chicken egg.

Quail eggs do not cause allergies if anything they help fight allergies due to the ovomucoid protein they contain. Consumption of Quail eggs also helps fight against many diseases to the extent that some British researchers refer to it as a Super Food.

Quail Eggs are well known to help boost the immune system, promote memory health, increase brain activity and stabilize the nervous system. It also increases hemoglobin and it is therefore very good for anaemic persons.

Consumption of quail eggs for breakfast in Kenya can cause some to throw up or have a runny stomach and that is because it acts as a toxin removal agent and removes heavy metals in the body. The Chinese are also reported to use it widely for management of Tuberculosis, Asthma and even diabetes.

How Do You Consume the Quail Eggs For Breakfast

This is the interesting part about the Quail Egg. There are various ways of eating it. The first is that you can eat it raw with or without the shell. If eating with the shell just wipe the outside of the shell with a damp clothe before consumption.

If boiling a Quail egg for breakfast in Kenya, you boil for 2-4 minutes depending on how well done you love your yolk. Never beyond 4 minutes. The recommended way to eat a boiled egg is the with the shell. Do not remove the shell just consume it whole.

Ofcourse eating the shell of an egg is strange to most Kenyans so if you strongly feel that you cannot eat egg with the shell, do not throw it away. The calcium and nutrients in the shell are very important so a quail egg shell should never be thrown away.

Once removed should be dried in the sun for an hour or two and then crushed. The crushed shell can then be introduced in your porridge, yoghurt or food. It gives a crunchy taste to your food. Think of it as a health supplement that is natural without additives.

I personally use the eggs for making my pancakes too for breakfast. The best way to consume it is raw. If you find that difficult, try putting it in your yoghurt or juice.

quail eggs for breakfast kenya

 Quail Eggs For Breakfast and Children

Due to the health benefits, I also put one egg raw in my 6 month old sons pawpaw and he loves it. Introduce it raw to the Children quite early and to older children include it in their yogurt or something that they love.

I started giving it to my son when he was four months and had a cold. In addition to the medicine I would include the Quail egg for breakfast and it has worked wonders I believe.

My sister who has a 9 and 12 year old children asked me how she can introduce it to her children and I gave her the same advice am giving here. She told me they would notice the difference in the taste of yoghurt, juice or porridge. I told her to tell them that is what the Doctor recommended. No one argues with the Doctor. So they do it for their health.

Quail Eggs For breakfast in Kenya is a Healthier More Nutritious Option. It is curative, disease preventive and improves your health so you are not just eating a quail egg for breakfast to fill your belly or to meet the nutritional requirements for the day but also taking care of your health at the same time. It’s a 3 in 1 solution.

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