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Quail Meat in The Kenyan Dining Table

Quail Meat in The Kenyan Dining Table

Carnivore Restaurant is well known for its game meat. However most Kenyans cannot afford to indulge in this luxury because game meat is obviously more expensive than beef, mutton, pork or chicken. But Voila, with the introduction of Quail Farming in Kenya, game meat can now be a delicacy on your table because Quail Meat is game meat.

It is delicious. It tastes different from even Chicken. It is finger licking delicious.

Quail meat for some strange reason, despite its small size, creates a lot of soup.

It is white meat and so carries with it the benefits of white meat.

Quails, if properly looked after, does not have fat on them and  they are very tender. Infact when slaughtering no hot water is used because that would remove the internal skin because it has no fat. When slaughtering a quail one just plucks the feathers.

Quail meat has no cholesterol and so does not add calories to your diet.

It takes a very short time to cook due to its tender nature so saving on your time in the Kitchen and giving you ample time to deal with other chores and it also saves on your fuel.How To Cook Quail Meat

Fry Stew – just cut it into small pieces. Fry the onion, garlic and when brown add tomatoes. When cooked add the quail meat and lower the ehat so that it cooks in its own water first. When all water is dried up, you can add a little bit more water to make it even more tender. This water can be allowed to evaporate all of it if you want dry meat or ensure some soup is left. Either way it will be a great accompaniment.

You can also , bake or grill Quail meat. To Barbecue it you cut it into small pieces. You then marinate it with spices of your choice. If you want it Chinese you can marinate with crushed Garlic and Soy Sauce. If you want it Indian you can marinate it with Indian Spices like Garam Masala and add some lemon juice.

Once marinated leave it in the fridge for 2 hours for the Quail meat to soak the marinated stuff. If no fridge, just cover it with a clean damp cloth and leave it for tow hours to marinate. After the two hours, you can now choose to barbecue it, bake it in the oven or grill it.

After marination you can also dip it in beaten quail egg and then cover it with breadcrumbs. Then deep fry in hot oil.

You can also choose to Sautee it. Cut it into small pieces. Fry onion and garlic, once browned add the Quail meat pieces and lower the heat for it to cook in its own liquid. Keep stirring as it cooks. Once cooked you can also add diced mushrooms. Do not increase the heat of the cooker. Just sautee it. When sautéing you put in more onions than normal and you do not add tomatoes in the cooking. The tomatoes come as a Salad.

You can also cook it the African way so that the whole stew has the taste of Quail Meat. Cut it into small pieces. Fry onion, add tomatoes, then the quail meat. Let it cook under low heat. Once cooked you can add your other vegetables, for example, carrots, peas, beans, cabbage or whatever. This way you do not have to buy much Quail meat and the whole family tastes Quail in their meal. This is the economical way to make Quail meat as part of the family stew.

Quail Meat can be eaten with any of the Kenyan Foods – Ugali, Rice, Matoke ,Chapos, Mashed potatoes or Kienyeji. You can mince it for Sphagetti or Pasta. It can also be dry fried with onions and then added to Vegetable Salad or be included in a sandwitch.

 Price of Quail Meat

You can buy one piece of Quail at Kenya Shillings One Hundred and Fifty (kshs 150). Or you can buy half a Kilogram of Quail Meat at Kenya Shillings Three Hundred ( Kshs 300)  or One Kilogram of Quail Meat at Kenya Shillings Five and twenty ( Kshs 520).

Have you introduced Quail Meat in your Kenyan Dining table? Do not be left out. Spice Your Meals with Quail meat. There are many ways you can cook Quail Meat. Choose the one that favors your Kitchen and style. I can assure you once your children taste this delicious meat, they will want more. Next time you have visitors, try Quail Meat on your menu, you will be surprised at the response.

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