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Rich Kids in Kenya and Their Challenges

Rich Kids in Kenya and Their Challenges

Rich Kids in Kenya are children whose basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are met with ease compared to the other 70% of Kenyan children. They complain of parental absence but not material lack. A large number of Children in this group can also be classified as unruly, rude, difficult to control and manage, a challenge to authority and possess disruptive behaviour. It is important to note that deep down rich Kids are basically children and so are only reacting to their environment.

Rich Kids KenyaRich Kids in Kenya complain that their Parents do not say ‘No’ enough time. That their parents are permissive and will allow them to do almost everything. These Children have no sense of boundaries and so they grow up having a feeling of entitlement. When they go out to the real world and the real world says No to them, they cannot believe it. They get angry and resent their parents for not preparing them for the real world.

Rich Kids also feel abandoned by their parents. Their Parents are busy working and making more and more money such that they do not have alot of time for their Children. Parents to rich Kids are therefore classified as absent parents and they try to make up for their absence by buying them more stuff. Children feel angry about htis behaviour as they do not need money or more stuff but  a relationship with their parents.

Rich Kids in Kenya are a minority and so they can sometimes be made fun of because they behave differently from most of the Kids especially when they are not in the company of their fellow rich kids. In Kenya, also due to the rise of poverty and crime such as kidnapping, a Child is told to hide the fact that they are from a rich family yet identity is a very crucial part in a Childs self concept. This leaves a child confused, they do not understand why they have to hide who they are. They even think being rich is not a good thing.

 Addiction – Consequences of Rich Kids Complaints

As a result of rich kids being left alone most of the time and having extra cash, they are bound to be involved in delinquent behaviour. Rich kids from an early age are therefore introduced to alcohol and drugs. And with Wifi in their homes, they have access to internet 24/7 and so can be exposed to all manner evil in the comfort of their homes, for example, pornography.

A rich Kid cannot be adviced or reprimanded by anyone else other than their parents who are absent so they are never reprimanded. In the African culture a child belonged to the whole village. That meant even if the parents were not nearby another grownup could reprimand the child but that is all dyeing away especially in the urban areas where the rich kids in Kenya reside. In the absence of a Parent to advice or reprimand the Rich Kids in Kenya continue with their delinquent behaviour.

The tragedy is that whatever a Child starts to do especially in their teenage years, it becomes their behaviour and character in life. They become addicted to that behaviour that they started when they were young. Ask any drunkard or drug addict or prostitute and they will tell you they started their delinquent behaviours when they were teenagers or younger.

What Parents of Rich kids in Kenyado not seem to realize that the money they are working hard to earn will all be in vain when your child does not turn out right. When your child is lost into addiction of any sort, It will affect your net worth positively or negatively. It is for the above reasons that Parents to the rich Kids in Kenya start being proactive in their children’s lives.

 Rich Kids – True Motivating Story

Stephen who is 13 and a class 8 pupil at Makini School scooped the bronze medal of the Total Eco Challenge awards for planting 12,000 trees in the past year. He started off his passion of planting tress when he was 4. He has now turned it into a business by forming the ‘We Care Club’ which has 5000 members country wide.

When he introduces himself he says he is the CEO and President of the group. Do you think this young boy would have an opportunity to get involved in wayward behaviours? No he is busy. He has his school work and his project which he loves. He is supported by his family. Let us keep our Children busy with stuff that builds their character.

Rich Kids in Kenya are deep down Children and can change. If you feel, you need a third party to help you do a self analysis of your parenting schedule and how you can balance both your career and parental responsibilities. Please do not hesitate to call Wamaitha on 0704-0714041.

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