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Telephone Counseling In Kenya: Time is Ripe

Telephone Counseling In Kenya: Time is Ripe

0704 – 714041 is the Telephone Counseling Line in Kenya. Counseling is talking about your issues or problems to a third party expecting some kind of help on how to deal with the issue from the third party. In Kenya till now it is a service that has been tendered face to face.

This could be the reason most people are anti-counseling. They cannot imagine sharing their lives with a third party because to them it looks like failure. Those times are over. In the 21st Century Telephone Counseling in Kenya is an option that fits most people in relationships.

Telephone Counseling

Kenya is developing very fast socially and economically. It has also become technologically savvy compared to our neighbours that we are referred to as the IT hub of the region.

This means that almost every Kenyan, the rural and urban including Children as young as 10 years old have cell phones. So most of our business in Kenya is carried out by telephones.

This basically means that Kenyans now have a lot on their plates and very little time to do it. This in turn means that one has to look at fast, quick and effective means of doing what they are doing so that they can achieve a lot in a shorter period of time. It means that there is not enough time to do all what you need to do.

This lack of time has brought up alot of new industries and affected the way we lead our daily lives. For example because we are spending a lot of time working and left with little time to socialize we meet new friends on social media or look for love on the net hence the online dating Industry which is mushrooming in Kenya with a lot of success.Telephone Counselingin Kenya is therefore an additional service to cater for this busy individual who has no other avenue or has no one to talk about what troubles them and help them understand themselves and their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Advantages of Telephone Counseling

a)      Convenience – It can be done by anyone, at anytime at their place of convenience for however long one desires. You get immediate solutions and you can call as many times as you wish.

b)      Increased anonymity – you do not have to give your name or any personal information therefore your reputation is protected because your family or business or work colleagues do not know what you are going through.

c)       Increased affordability – One does not have to travel to the Counselor so It saves on travelling costs and time spent travelling.

d)      Potential availability – one can call at any time of the day and one is assured of getting someone on the other side of the line. Telephone Counseling in Kenya is a 24 hour service.

 Emotional Benefits of Telephone Counseling

a)      Quicker Healing – a problem is a problem half shared. So telephone counseling brings healing faster. The fact that one’s identity is secret they feel free to be open and so they are able to receive faster solutions to the many issues they raise and therefore healing occurs faster.

b)      Increased Productivity – Our personal problems affect our productivity at work and at home. So telephone counseling can increase productivity because you can call at any time and once you feel better about the issue you are facing then you are able to work at Peak.

c)       Telephone Counselingin Kenya builds Stronger relationships. A caller received undivided attention and they feel comfortable as they are not being judged and we encourage them to come up with the solution so they become a healer of themselves and that restores self confidence and self esteem which will be reflected in how they relate with others.

You can receive Telephone Counseling in Kenya by dialing 0704-714041 any time of the day on any matter pertaining to relationships. Our approach is to encourage Personal growth of an individual and we help you do that by pointing out areas that need your attention after carefully listening to your story.

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