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The Best Education Minister in Kenya

The Best Education Minister in Kenya

Mutula Kilonzo is a Senior Prominent Lawyer in Kenya and sometimes in 2012 he lost a Senior position as the Minister of Constitution and Legal affairs. A position that many thought he was well suited. Little did we know that his new position in the ministry of Education would be the refreshing change the Education system needed.

Mutula Kilonzo

Most Kenyans did not even know which Ministry Mutula Kilonzo had been posted to as he was a bit quiet until he was reported as allowing mini skirts in Secondary schools. It was reported that he said why are we expecting our teenage girls to wear long skirts like Nuns. In Conservative Kenya, most Parents to teenage girls, myself included are conservative and we want our teenage girls to cover their beautiful bodies as much as possible.

From the way I heard it, it was his personal opinion and could not be part of policy so there was nothing to worry about. Secondly, I was not troubled because it does not matter what a Minister says or doesn’t say, I as the home owner make the rules in my home and so the rule is no short skirts and it stays that way.

There are some things that are not negotiable whether the minister says it or not. The Parent is the head of their home and they make the rules.

Not withstanding Mutula Kilonzo met alot of opposition from all over Kenya. From the teachers, the schools, the church and obviously form the parents that he had to withdraw his statement. He actually said he is not into mini skirts and that he was misinterpreted.

To make it more hilarious he said he would practically show all concerned publicly the length of skirt that he approves on a particular day. On one Thursday afternoon Mutula Kilonzo held up a long skirt to show the kind of skirt he was referring to. This was hilarious on so many fronts but we shall not go into that other than just note Mutula Kilonzo is a grandfather.

Mutula Kilonzo: Banning Tuition

A month was not even over when he banned Holiday tuition and he became the best Minister of Education since I was born. This is a minister who will become very unpopular with his constituents, the teachers and all people, because this culture of holiday tuition has been with us for such a long time that many see it as a source of extra income and now banning school tuition will interfere with that income.

I am against Holiday tuition. For a child to come on holiday for just 13 days, what is that supposed to mean. Is life all about mean grade? Is life all about books? When do we get time as parents to be with our Children, to pass on important values to our Children? To teach them other life skills when all we see them is 13 days every holiday ( less than 100 days in a year). You teach them house hold chores and when they come back home, they have forgotten because they have been in school for so long ( 16 weeks).

Every Kenyan Parent needs to join hands with Mutula Kilonzo as this is the greatest Educational Minister Kenya has ever experienced. Someone who is not willing to please anybody and is willing to look at things differently because he is not an education profession or has not school going child. So he can afford to be objective.

 Mutula Kilonzo: Educaton system

When we were young. After school we would play, play and play and I cannot remember us having homework and if we did it was minimal. Today even a standard one ( 6year old ) child has so much homework. Our children do not have time to play.

Children leave school, come home, take tea and shower and go back to doing homework. What kind of people are we preparing. Even the West that rules Africa does not put their children through such rigorous processes. Of what value is our mean grade system?

Dr John Mugo says that 70% of child learning is through play. Our education system kills creativity and the 21st Century is an Innovation Century. Are we preparing our children for the future by just making them academics? I remember hearing someone ask, is our Education system preparing Children to be participants of Vision 2030? I would want to hear what anyone has to say about that.

We need a Holistic training. The education system we have is for the industrialization age and we are no longer in that age. We are in the information age. The Kenya Government is investing hundreds of billion of shillings to come up with Konza City because we are in the information age and our education system is preparing us for the industrialization age.

It is for this reason that Mutula Kilonzo should be applauded for the reformations he is bringing to the Education sector though he is facing a lot of opposition. Mutula Kilonzo be reminded that nothing good comes easy so soldier on in that ministry and we are waiting for the next reform in that Ministry.

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