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What To Do WHen A Married Man Does Not Call

24 Nov
married man doesn't call

What To Do WHen A Married Man Does Not Call

In my article Dating a Married Man: 6 Reasons Why you should not, I give good reasons why a lady should not get involved with a married man. But should you find yourself in such a situation, what to do when a married man does not call?

married man don’t call

Try to understand him and his schedule. Ask enough questions to understand how he runs his life so that when he does not call you can almost correctly guess 60/40 what he is doing or where he is. You would be able to tell whether he is picking the kids or he is at work or playing golf or with the boys.

Also because you are sharing you have to be candid about some things such as what you are supposed to do when a married man does not call? His response will tell you whether he cares about you and if he has a plan for both of you. Agree on something.

All girls expect their man to call them after a date or not to stay beyond 48 hours before calling especially if they have already had sex. Indulging in sex with a man is a big deal to most women so when they share themselves in this way, they have made a decision more times than not to belong to you.

So what is a girl to do when a married does not call and she has given herself to him in this way? He has not called because he does not want to but because he is busy with his other life, a girl can get depressed.

So my advice is that you have to keep yourself busy. A lady dating a married man today ( because most married men will not leave their wives for you) must be more busy than her counterparts. Join evening classes, have alot of friend and extra curricula activities.

married man doesn't call

Why? So that you do not have alot of idle time to think about your beloved who is married and you cannot see him or talk to him. When you are busy, your mind is preoccupied with other stuff. Before you know it, time has passed and the phone rings and guess what? It is him calling.

My view is that it takes a mature woman to handle a married man. Why? For a younger lady who need her man attention 24/7 a married man cannot give that to you unless ofcourse he is already divorcing his wife.

As you have clearly heard, a man cannot multi task. So in a mans head his first priority goes to his family. His first everything goes to his family. Young ladies have alot of time in their hands and they have to tell their friends about their boyfriend so if he is married it becomes a bit difficult and what to do when a married man does not call becomes an issue.

Mature ladies on the other hand have a full life of her own and she only needs a man at a particular times and so the unavailability of a married man at would suit her just fine. As long as when he is around he shows her total dedication, tender loving care and attention that is undivided. A mature woman I believe is able to tell if the married man is lyeing or not.

So what to do if a married man does not call is keep yourself busy. Divert your mind from those thoughts or just end it if you feel you cannot handle it.

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