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Why Do We Face Problems in Life?

24 Nov
problems in life

Why Do We Face Problems in Life?

There is nobody under the sun that does not go through problems even the very rich have theirs infact it is said if you were given a rich mans problems you would say ‘No thank you very much. I am fine’.

Problems in Life

I am going through a face in my life that I cannot quite understand. I resigned from a Bank two years ago and I know it was the right thing to do. I desired a greater life than the Bank was promising me during my pension years.

Leaving the Bank was not the problem, the problem is that I left hastily and did not plan the exit well. Consequences is that I go through financial problems that I had not anticipated especially when the money ran dry before I achieved what i had planned.

Even then I am not perturbed because I have a good degree in Law, I have internet marketing skills and my passion is motivational writing and speaking. I have sufficient skills that I can trade in return for some money. However, whatever I do is not working. It just seems divine intelligence is on my case not to succeed. Is there a reason behind all this?

 Problems have a purpose

Did you know that your problems are designer. They are tailor made just for you. The challenges you experience are to help you in achieving your life purpose. To help you understand, if I do not go through the kind of hard life I have described above how then would I be able to be an effective motivational speaker and many Kenyans and Africans generally go through lack most of their lives?

problems in life

I then read a statement by Danielle Kennedy who said that when you go through life and experience difficult circumstances then you are able to mix life knowledge with passion, vulnerability and a willingness to be authentic and so you become a dynamic speaker and your listeners love you.

Going through life experiences as a motivational speaker will sell more than telling people that I am a high flying lawyer and I make kshs 5million per month and I drive a Rolls Royce. No one will listen to you. You will not make an impact.

So the kind of problems that we go through are tied to our purposes. They are preparing us to be great examples in our life purpose.

 Significance of Problems

The good news though about problems is that they all have solutions and a sell by date. There is no problem that stays forever and they come to mould us and nurture us into that person who will perform the reason for which we were created.

You see when you go through problems then you can relate to the masses and your message can be relevant as opposed to if you have a life that most people you are targeting have not experienced.

So when Problems coming knocking on your door do not fret or make alot of noise or grumble but ask them what do you come to teach me? The quicker you learn the better for you.

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