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Wisdom Christian Education in Kenya

25 Nov
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Wisdom Christian Education in Kenya

Christian Education begun with Jesus Christ and gained momentum when he commanded his disciples to go and preach to the whole world about the true word. The Christian teaching helps us live as God commands. That is the reason we need Christian Education so that we can inherit the kingdom of heaven.Christian Education is provided by three key players; the parents, the church and the Christian  educational ministries or institutions. The support by the three bodies is referred to as the ‘triangular relationship with the main support coming from the parents.

Children have more contact with their parents. From when a child is born until he or she lives home to start his or her own family, it is the responsibility of the parent to instill Christian value’s and discipline to the child. In Deuteronomy, God commands parents to teach their children the word of God diligently and to tell them of his good deeds all the time. Paul in Ephesians also reminds parents to nurture and bring up their children in the admonition of the Lord.  The best way to teach Children is by being a good example of Christian teaching as Children learn more by observation.

The second support body of the Christian Education is the church. The Churches ministry is to preach the word of God and explain to Gods people what God requires from them. The house of God forms the theological foundation for educational institutes and the families. Churches give their teachings according to the Holy Scriptures. Jesus Christ was a teacher and he used parables to help people understand the word. The Great commission involves teaching the  scripture to people in all four corners of the world. It is therefore evident that Christianity and the church have been in support of the Christian Education.

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Educational institutes and Christian schools are also partners in conveying biblical Christian education.  Christian Education is among the taught subjects in many schools. In the elementary level, Christian religious teaching is taught to every child including the non-Christian children mostly if they are in Christian countries hence fulfilling the words of Christ as found in the great Commission.

Wisdom: Christian Education in Kenya

God wants us to live according to His word so that we inherit the kingdom of heaven, which we can only achieve if we get the Christian Education. We cannot know what is right and wrong if we are not given the right Christian teaching. Therefore, it is only through church, parents and schools that a child can know who is God and how to become God’s child.Christian Education as found in the Bible is very crucial in helping the youth in how to handle the present life issues such as desperation and discouragement or boyfriends.  Young people with Christian Education are able to handle temptations more easily than their peers in schools because they are encouraged to make decisions based on their Christian values. Vices like pre-marital sex and use of drugs can be avoided when proper Christian education is implemented.

Most Church leadership today encourage small groups feed on the word of God with a view of ensuring the followers of the church have a biblical worldview. This kind of bible reading and resources 21st Century is helpful in nurturing spiritual leadership in the body of Christ today.  Leaders feed on stewardship nuggets and obtain Christ like wisdom.Exposing your child to world using Christian EducationChristian Education does not mean that you read the Bible and ignore the worldviews but that you obtain a biblical perspective to the world. It means that you stand up to any world happenings in a Christian manner. There are many things that are happening in the modern world. Some are good, but others are forcing people to sin. Either way our children are getting exposed more than ever before.  However, as long as your child is exposed to Christian Education they will interpret the world views differently and in a manner that is in accordance to Christian teaching.

Parents can also pray for their children to obtain wisdom because no matter how much a Parent tries to instill the right teaching, the devil is sometimes crafty and is always looking for whom to devour so inorder to help our children to avoid falling into temptation we should pray for wisdom for them daily.

Wisdom is a very important tool for each Christian.  In James we are admonished that if you lack it, you ask God for it because he is very willing to give it to those who ask.  If the parents fail to give their children the Christian Education relevant for today’s living in relation to worldviews, they will get the information from the wrong source.Christian Education is the giving of information concerning the bible, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Every Christian parent is encouraged to introduce Christian Educationin their home’s and it is never too early to introduce it.  There are Christian materials for as little as one year olds. You can also take your children to Sunday School from an early age. Christian education can be a big help in Parenting for both the Parents and the Children and for any Christian desiring to grow in the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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